Sick? No.
I’m just ill-minded
Because my mind’s always blocked and when I’m awake I feel like I’m having sleep paralysis
I can’t move and I forget everything
It all seems like a distant memory that never shows its true meaning
It keeps me leaning over this cliff wondering
Where I would be had I remembered anything
It’s like I was in a coma when in reality I was having a five minute conversation
I don’t remember much from it so all I do is start lingering
Onto every word that I start remembering
But that’s not exactly a good thing
As all I remember is the theme and if I’m lucky the setting
Looks like I’m on my way to destruction
Moments after my introduction into a normal conversation
So for that reason I wanna scream and cause an obstruction
To anyone living normal so they can understand my annoyance
Do you know how I feel? No! that was a rhetorical question
The thoughts in my head are daunting
So pray you’re not on the receiving end of my falling
Because you won’t catch what you can’t trust so why would you save someone suffering
That’s you killing me so remember that when you’re laughing
Who am I?
I’m the thoughts in the back of my head that are banging
Killing me softly
Because the truth hurts and they’re stabbing me slowly
Cutting my memories and replacing them gently
With dark ones shadowing over my past ever so slightly
I’m like a feather touching the floor so even though my drop may seem heavenly, I’ve still fallen
from a bird’s limb so I’m no longer flying.
But I’ve come back to reality.
No longer part of a group so now you see me differently.
My plan is to kill mediocracy.
So sometimes sacrifices are the key to bringing out your speciality.
Letting go of things that you think might make you special, you may find that being a lone soldier
is the best way to battle your insecurities
Peer pressure is a key, unlocking a lot of things, but it doesn’t unlock happiness. For that you need creativity. And the only way to get that is by being proud of who you are. You’re a star. One that can be seen from far. In the light and dark. You were made for a purpose so don’t let anybody take away your individuality.
So if you’re scared and ashamed, don’t be. Let them see your face.
Quit trying to be your idols and create your own pathway.
Because following someone else’s lead can only lead you to be as good. Setting the bar one higher can’t hurt, because the worst you’ll ever be is great. Falling will only make you stronger
and leave you with a better outlook.
So now you won’t be shook.
You’ve made the leap, and had a look.
You saw your possibilities, now you’re hungry, so you’ll be stronger. Like a fighter.
And you’ll meet anybody stopping you with a right hook.
Because You’ll be a driving force and more intelligent like a rook.
You’ve got two so don’t be afraid to keep fighting
Even if all you’re left with is one foot.

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