Martin gave a gift, the gift was a pair of shoes
A pair he walked in and realised had no use
When he stepped into the light and saw the current mood
He saw a boy with nothing except appreciation
That made Martin see his glass half full.
Who said the young didn’t have wisdom after that, all I felt was crimsoned
And realised I was a fool, better yet a tool
But I didn’t fix anything I was more like a loose screw, with his head loose
Not willing to help just there to put holes in roofs
Feeling sick because I ate too much, meanwhile people are dying because they don’t have any food
As I look back at my roots
Pleasant thoughts turn dark as I remember the pool
I swam away my complaints, it only being one length; meanwhile someone the same age looks at the same page and just drowns in their drool
I was so cruel
I took everyone around me for granted, everything I saw I wanted. I just had to have it. Not realising the pain I was causing, I left those who helped me helpless.
By offering nothing but a hand expecting a handout, and I still do
I guess I’m trying to get it through to myself while I have the upper hand to reach out and give a helping hand to the people stranded.
And take a step in the right direction to give them the drive and fuel.
I’m done living like a donkey it’s time to be a mule
And help the less fortunate carry on and be strong, teach them to never give up and live on. Give them the licence to dream on, by giving them the chance to take flight, and feel might as I make an attempt to undo my wrongs and make things right. And give them sight of a brighter day so they can live through the night.
So if you feel you have nothing. Remember the grass is always greener on the other side.
Wear your clothes with pride.
Even if they don’t fit you today, you’ll grow into them, one day. Worst comes to worst you have something to give away. That shouldn’t make you cry that should make you sway because your hand-me-downs just made someone’s day.

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