When they tell you to stop wearing black, tell them that you’re colourful on the inside. I don’t know about you, but I find everything classier in black.  Women, here are 15 black items that you must have this year:

1. Black zippers

Zippers are not just for their useful usage anymore . They are in fact part of 2014-2015’s fashion trends. Whether on jackets, pants, or dresses, black zippers are a must!

2. Black leather

It will never run out of style, and it will always trend. Black leather pants are mostly what we are going to see this year. You can wear them with a simple white shirt, a fur jacket or even a soft colourful sweater.

3. Little black dress little black dress

If you are a woman, then you must have a little black dress in your closet. Whether you are an Audrey-Hepburn-look-alike or a Kylie-Jenner-kind-of-rebel, this dress is a necessity.

4. Black crocodile bag

Hermes is a trend-setter and they have done it right, for years. Givenchy follows, as well as Chanel. International brands made sure to create black crocodile bags this year, and guess what.. they are right!

5. Black formal shoes

No matter how many black shoes you have, it is never enough. Black formal shoes, mostly English shoes, are totally in!

6. Black nail polish

Black nail polish automatically makes your hands look whiter and more beautiful. Matte, shiny, or printed, they rock. nail polish

7. Black bag-pack

Bag-packs are not for school kids anymore. They are, in fact, a trend for young women, as Stella McCartney has shown. backpack

8. Black fur

Someone once said that a true lady must wear a smile, diamonds, and fur. They said it all.

9. Black steel watch

Time is precious, so take advantage of it – just make sure that your watch is beautiful.

10. Black Kanye-style sweater

Women do not necessarily have to buy their outfits from ladies’ sections. In fact, we now wear men’s clothes. Go get a Kanye-style over-sized tomboy sweater and wear it with some shorts.

11. Black sneakers

Wear them with a dress. Wear them with shorts. And even wear them with your sweatpants. Whatever you have, wherever you’re going, and whoever you’re meeting up with, these are going to rock your outfit. sneakers

12. Stylish black chemise

Chemises are not for formal meetings anymore. This is why, you should go to a club wearing a black one! chemise

13. Black high-school skirt

You can be in your late 20s and still wear them. They are timeless, stylish, and daring. Go get some!

14. Black ripped jeans

What’s more stylish yet simple than a pair of black ripped jeans, a plain shirt and converse? If you’re tired and don’t have anything to wear in mind, this is the right outfit.

ripped jeans

15. Black night-out overall

Nothing is more sexy than a black overall, heels and red lipstick for a night out. You go girl!

Black is not depressive. It can be one of the most fun colours if you know what to wear it with, so get your hands on the above items, available at any store, almost anywhere in the world!

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