1. Instead of vanilla-covered strawberries, give him chocolate-covered bacon.

Chocolate is a sign of love. However, your man won’t really enjoy strawberries. He’s a man and it is Valentine’s Day; so get him chocolate-covered bacon.

2. Instead of red roses, give him a cactus.

Cactus symbolizes endurance, determination and power to emphasize that no matter what your love endures and goes through, it will always be powerful.  

3. Instead of a stuffed animal, get him an actual dog!

Men do not like stuffed animals. They think it’s childish and meaningless. Get a Labrador, instead.

4. Instead of champagne, get him a beer opener collection.

Okay so champagne is fantastic as well as wine. But get him a beer opener, that he will be able to use everyday – one customized with your names on it, maybe.

5. Instead of lingerie, get him sexy boxers and sweatpants.

Sexy Calvin Klein boxers and sweatpants would be the perfect gift to your man. You will enjoy them as much as he will.

6. Instead of diamonds, get him a customized bracelet. 

How about you write your anniversary date or put your names’ abbreviations on a bracelet and offer it to him?

7. Instead of a day at the spa, get him shaving products and creams.

You should understand that shaving is a very big deal for men. You can find very affordable yet fancy shaving items so he can have the most perfect beard.

Enjoy Your Valentine’s!




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