March is known for its Women’s Day on the 8th. It is also the month where the cold weather starts disappearing. And it’s the end of midterms. However, while this is what we know March for, it has other fun, thoughtful, and meaningful holidays that we should consider.

1. World Compliment Day

Who doesn’t like compliments? Who doesn’t need them from time to time? Well, the 1st of March is an opportunity to give and receive compliments. Tell your girlfriend she is beautiful. Tell your mother that she is the best. And tell yourself, that you are good enough. Start the month by putting smiles on people’s faces.

2. Get Over It Day

Whatever you are going through, wherever you are, and whoever made you upset, get over it on the 9th of March. Some things are really not worth getting mad over. Some people do not deserve our effort and attention. And some problems’ solutions are in front of you, without you noticing. Get over it.

3. Organize Your Home Office Day

Everyday, you say ‘tomorrow’. No. Today is the day. March 10th is your chance to FINALLY clean your home office, get rid of all the unnecessary papers, and make it look as fabulous as when you first got it. Make it look more personalized and less of a mess. This is your place, it should say a lot about you.

4. Freedom of Information Day

March 16th is a day we should all be grateful for. I mean, without freedom, this article wouldn’t be published anyways.

5. World Down Syndrome Day

Understand what down syndrome is, help someone who has it, and appreciate what you have, on March 21st. This is a chance to feel, help, and thank God for your life.

6. As Young As You Feel Day

No matter how old you are, March 22nd is the day where you should understand that you can always be young. Young is a state of mind.

Enjoy the holidays!


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