Can you imagine losing everything you loved in the blink of an eye.
You see a little girl now and all you wanna do is just cry.
You try and move on but you think they’re alive.
Because you see them when you’re awake and asleep, yeah you see them all the time.
Imagine after every break your eye took, having the fear of becoming blind.
Now multiply that pain and imagine having that suffering for your entire life.
That’s how he feels now, because he can no longer see clear, he’s lost sight on what’s wrong and right.
And lost sight on what’s important, that’s why he continues to drive.
He has that déjà vu moment, as he drinks another pint.
He just wants to level the playing fields and have that feeling one more time.
So as he looks over to the passenger seat, he begins to fight.
And starts an argument about why she shouldn’t be going out tonight.
He gets a feeling of euphoria as he gets a taste of that night.
And takes one last look at the passenger seat, and not the road as another girl joins his daughter in paradise.

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