Two words: Monolithic Unity. Essentially what the Islamic State is saying is – NO ONE BUT US. No multiculturalism, no tolerance, no history, no laws, no future but our version of Islam – period. You either submit or die.

In contrast, the Western culture is quickly losing social cohesion and self-identity. We are becoming a grey mass of corporate employees with a sole purpose to mindlessly consume more and more goods (that we clearly do not need). Add to this a massive bombardment of negative, violent and fear-provoking information that we get from the media; drive the wealth gap to its maximum; dismantle social security; allow uncontrolled immigration; bring poverty to an all-time high; decrease healthcare services and the quality of food; encourage your population and the entire nation to go into a major debt and you get a lot of highly unstable people. Not only are these people susceptible to manipulation but they are also repulsed by their own government, culture and way of life. Precisely these conditions created a perfect opportunity for ISIS and other extremist groups to capture the minds of our citizens.

We as a society are literally driving our own public to a point of insanity – on a nationwide scale. I’ve recently spoken with a family doctor here in Canada, and she said that the mental health of Canadians is very alarming – while the government’s response is less than adequate. Very little attention is given to the psychological state of the country. This is not exclusive to our nation. Non-stop mass shootings in the United States, continuous riots in the European Union, terrorism in the Russian Federation and civil war in Ukraine – all are symptoms of a much wider epidemic. Above all, these are all symptoms of internal unrest.

As I look at my peers (or worse, the younger generation) I see a great deal of men and women who have no loyalty to their nation, culture or heritage. They do not know or care where they came from; they don’t have any interest in their own history, politics, culture or social sciences. Their self-identity is nonexistent and highly fluid, which means they are perfect targets for manipulation. ISIS is simply taking advantage of this weakness – a weakness that we created!

The irony is that we (the Western civilisation) also created ISIS. Back in 2006 right after Saddam Hussein was executed I said that this act will greatly threaten global security. Why? Because it had the potential to unify the entire Middles East into one united race, culture, religion and fighting force. I was off by eight years and a few dead dictators but eventually the Middle East give birth to a new ’empire’ set on unifying all Muslims under one flag. Granted, currently this empire is just an infant but if not stopped, it will take over the entire region. Once that happens Europe is likely next …

So what should we as the Western people do in light of all of this? I see no alternative other than uniting together as one great civilization from Vancouver to Vladivostok.

Yes, we created ISIS. Yes, we foolishly interfered in the Middle East. Yes, we made a lot of mistakes – however there’s little that we can do about that. Now we have to face the fact that there is a powerful force on the horizon dead set on spreading radical Islam all over the world. We can either wait and see what happens or take intelligent actions to defend our way of life.

However before we start considering any military confrontation – the United States, Europe and Russia absolutely must settle their differences and join forces. Engaging ISIS one by one will only weaken us. We need to stop competing with each other and start cooperating on all levels, from civilian to military. We must develop trust and understanding of one another. We absolutely have to start helping each other grow stronger. In fact to a certain degree, we must mimic ISIS and build a Monolithic Unity between our nations. As idealistic as this many sound – we have no alternative.

If we don’t do this our countries will slowly be torn apart from the inside and continuously assaulted from the outside. We will get weaker fighting each other while radical Islam will only get stronger. It may sound cliché but I would like to leave you with this single phrase: UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL …

By Dmitry Tamoikin

CEO of Earth Sphere Development Corp.
Halifax, NS, Canada

Article written in response to this CNN report:

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