They say at twenty you’re filled with dreams and hope
And by thirty you look at your life and can no longer cope
You used to see a challenge at the sight of a rope
But now you see a way out as you start feeling your throat
You used to be the class clown, you saw the funny side to every joke
But you’re no longer the King of comedy, that drive has steered you to nowhere but a
One-way road
And now you’re faced with your harsh reality, which is having to see your aspirations go
Up in smoke
You thought you’d be different, the one who stayed dreaming,
But you’re only as good as the company you keep and those bad vibes
Never offered a guiding light, so in turn didn’t help keep you afloat
Instead you’re left drowning in your sorrow with no one there to help see you through
To your goals
You’re left to sit there doing nothing but moan and loathe
Develop a persona and eventually pass it through to the kids who are yet to grow
And while they’re too young to know any better you share your life
You tear their dreams apart like you were holding a knife
Their blood boils as you shed light on your inability to survive
You tell them nothing will go their way and they shouldn’t bother to try
But there’s always one who doesn’t listen and makes it out alive
He grows up and lives to fight
Makes it through the lows to enjoy the highs
But in the back of his mind
That piece of advice stays with him like a war wound
It’s there to remind him of all the failures that have come before him, and how
They only lived to die
And can rest
Only now as they lie in their tomb
He reminisces on his missed opportunities and wishes he could be back in his mother’s
So he could start over
He knows if he had one more chance he would do better
He’s not satisfied
So he sits and cries
The pain multiplies as he looks himself in the eye
He smashes the mirror unable to see his face
He sticks a needle in his arm to feel a little phased
Because his life has been nothing but the same routine playing over and over again
He sits there and shakes, and finally gets a taste of being in his happy place
His mind starts to race
But his body stops moving, his son opens his eyes but his dad stays
He would shake him till the next morning but daddy would never wake.


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