First Lady? No thank you. As she announced the 2016 Presidential Bid, Hillary Clinton is ready for an everlasting ride that starts with tolerance, inspiration, and commitment. Why her and not anyone else? ‘I’m in, and in to win’, Clinton said. Here are 5 reasons why she deserves to be the next US President.

1. She’s a feminist!

Hillary Clinton is not only a powerful woman with a strategic mind but a woman who lifts other women up with her. No one is seen as competition to her. She wants everyone to achieve as much as herself. She wants education. She strives for equality. And of course, if the President is a woman, then why can’t the rest of the workers be, and also get paid as much as men? ‘Too many women in too many countries speak the same language, of silence’, Clinton asserts.

2. She’s democratic!

When elections lack freedom of choice and freedom of voice, then there is no freedom at all. Hillary Clinton, democratic nominee, is here to see the struggle of children dealt with. She is here to defend the rights of each person who lacks power and support. She is here to protect those who are rejected by society. And she is here to move from ‘good words to good works’.

3. She supports LGBT!

‘Gay rights are human rights and human rights are gay rights’, assured Hillary Clinton. For this reason, for the sake of her values, and for the sake of humanity, gay marriage was shown in her campaign’s short film.

4. She believes in family.

Before being a presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton is a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. Family is the most important thing to her, and the biggest proof is how she stood by her husband, Bill, through the scandal of the White House. ‘You don’t walk away if you love someone. You help the person’, she said.

5. She’s down-to-earth and fun!

Have you ever seen her tweets? If not please do. She is not only clever and wise. She is also full of life and jokes around. She doesn’t take life too seriously because no one gets out of it alive anyway.

There are so many reasons why Hillary Clinton is a lady that deserves to be the next US President. #Hilary2016

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