Seems like everyone is setting up their own business these days and becoming an entrepreneur. But what if you’re not sure where to start? Digital Business Academy is here to show you, with FREE ONLINE BUSINESS COURSES for anyone who wants to develop their business skills. These professional courses are for young people who either have an idea to set up a business, are looking to take their company to the next level or just want to make their CV stand out.

Courses range from Marketing, Branding, Business Planning to Financial Support and are super interactive and flexible for you to complete in your own time.

They’re run by professional institutions like Founder Centric, University of Cambridge and University College London.

Talia, 18 did the Size Up your idea and has now started her business plan for The Talent Agency; she says, ‘I would never have got started without doing the course’.

Both Layla (Quizcats) and Hayel (Word on the Curb) completed the Marketing Course and both agreed that having an actual marketing strategy has improved their businesses more than they ever imagined. ‘I am on my third course as I am finding them really useful – especially as I am a creative not a business person’ says Layla, 24.

Completing courses also means rewards! The Digital Business Academy work with over 43 industry partners including Microsoft Ventures, Ogilvy and the BBC. Partners are offering amazing opportunities to those who complete the courses. Paid internships, mentorship, specialist content, and free start-up support like fast-track to start-up loans and free co-working space, are all there to support you and your ambition!


DBA is helping many people across the country realise their potential and take charge of their future!

Gerard Grech, CEO of Tech City UK, comments, ‘We’re delighted that over 11,000 users are already benefiting from Digital Business Academy courses. The fact that so many people are taking and completing courses demonstrates that people want to be increasingly entrepreneurial. This is also key for employers that need a digitally savvy workforce and want to hire people with an entrepreneurial mindset’.


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By Susana Giner


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