70% of young people are now registered to vote. With the poll’s opening today will we see the biggest youth turn out in a general election since 1964? We will be giving you live coverage as the polls open and the count comes in for the UK general election 2015.

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Conservatives 331

Labour  232

SNP 56

Lib Dem 8


Others 15

Live Coverage:

  • 10:15 (07/05) Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm TODAY
  • 10:30 (07/05)Thank you for joining today’s live coverage of the UK General election in what promises to be one of the closest elections in a generation
  • 10:55 (07/05) Only 12 seats declare before 2am, the majority will be announced afterwards and that’s when a clearer picture of the night’s event will emerge
  • 10:59 (07/05) Houghton and Sunderland South is traditionally the first seat to declare, this will likely be at 11pm and is expected to be held comfortably by Labour
  • 11:06 (07/05) The question as to whether UKIP can translate their votes into seats will be a key development tonight. We can expect a tight contest in Thurrock where Nigel Farage is running for parliament
  • 12:12 (07/05) There is  potential tonight for some large scalps  for several of Westminster’s biggest hitters. Douglas Alexander looks like he could lose his seat of Paisley and South Renfrewshire to Mhairi Black the 20 year old SNP candidate.The result for this one should come in around 3am.
  • 12:16 (07/05) At 4.30 we should see the results for Sheffield Hallam. This is the seat of Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg. The latest Ashcroft poll showed him behind in this seat which would be one of the biggest ever political upsets in recent British elections.
  • 12:26 (07/05) The final IPSOS-MORI poll has been released showing a dead heat which is in line with most polls. Conservatives are on 36% and Labour on 35% with UKIP on 11% ,Lib Dems on 8% and Greens on 5%.
  • 14:36 (07/05) The leaders’ of the each of the main parties have cast their vote this morning in the constituencies they are standing for. David Cameron in Witney, Nick Clegg in Sheffield Hallam, Ed Miliband in Doncaster North, Natalie Bennett in Holborn and St Pancras. The SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon & Plaid Cymru’s Leanne Wood are not standing for a Westminster seat but are voting in their home constituencies.
  • 15:00 (07/05) There have been reports of glitches in the computer systems at a few polling booths across the country.Voters in Hackney and Dorset were prevented from voting after been told they were not on the new voting system despite having a poll card.
  • 20:32 (07/05) With just under 90 minutes left until the polls close, the day has passed on the whole without any notable incidents. The real fun shall begin at 11pm as the first result is announced. Of course though, the news are restricted to what they can and cannot report before 10pm.
  • 21:06 (07/05) Nearly every poll during this long and winding campaign has shown that it will be a hung parliament tomorrow. The main question is who will win the most seats and who will be able to put together a coalition or deal that can command the confidence of the house.
  • 21:40 (07/05) Polls close in 20 minutes which is when the first exit poll will be released.
  • 22:01 (07/05) Astonishing exit poll by Ipsos MORI. Conservatives on 316 seats, Labour;239,Lib Dem;10, SNP;58,UKIP;2.
  • 22:26 (07/05) The polls are shut and the counting has begun. Houghton and Sunderland South are racing to become the first constituency to declare for the fifth election in a row.
  • 22:44 (07/05) YouGov exit poll shows very different results to the Ipsos MORI one. Conservatives on 284, Labour on 263. Lib Dems on 31 ,SNP on 48.UKIP 2 ,Green-1.
  • 22:56 (07/05) The first result has been declared in Houghton and Sunderland South. Labour hold with 55% of the vote, UKIP in second with 22% of the vote. Lib Dems effectively wiped out with 2.1% of the vote.
  • 23:20 (07/05) Labour hold Sunderland Central with an 11,000 plus majority over the Conservatives.
  • 23:35 (07/05) Labour hold the third seat of the night with 53% of the vote in Washington and Sunderland West.
  • 00:06 (08/05) More results due within the next hour.
  • 00:16 (08/05) It’s that time of night where rumours are abound, and the most prominent one so far is that George Galloway may struggle to hold onto his seat in Bradford West.
  • 00:48 (08/05) Swindon North held by Conservatives.
  • 00:57 (08/05) First London result announced in Putney. The Conservatives have held it with an increased majority of over 10,000. Lib Dems once again have collapsed but save their deposit.
  • 01.27 (08/05) Sadiq Khan holds his seat in Tooting with 47.2% of the votes.Thats an increase of 3.7% on 2010’s result.
  • 01:48 (08/05) No surprises from West Tyrone in Northern Ireland as Sinn Fein hold the seat albeit down 4.9% on last time round.
  • 01:57 (08/05) Tories increase their vote in Nuneaton, an important seat that Labour really would have wanted to win.
  • 02:05 (08/05) It looks as if Douglas Alexander may have lost his Paisley and Renfrewshire south seat to 20 year old SNP candidate Mhairi Black. If true, this would be an enormous blow for Labour.
  • 02:20 (08/05) SNP hold Western Isles (Na h-Eileanan an Iar) and win Kilmarnock & Loudoun with a 25.3% swing.
  • 02:30 (08/05) SNP are currently running riot in Scotland and have won Glenrothes.
  • 02:36 (08/05) Incredible scenes as the SNP  takes Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath with a 34.5% swing which was Gordon Brown’s seat until this election.
  • 03:20 (08/05) More incredible news from Scotland as the Scottish Labour party are decapitated with Jim Murphy losing his seat.
  • 03:28 (08/05) Some good news for Labour as they take Ealing Central & Acton from the Conservatives.
  • 08:50 (08/05) Over the past few hours a clearer picture has emerged of the election outcome. The Tories look like they will win an overall majority, albeit just by a few seats. Ed Balls has lost his seat in what was probably the biggest shock of the night. Lib Dems have been wiped out with just 8 MP’s left so far.
  • 08:58 (08/05) The story of the night however has been the historical wipeout of Labour in Scotland. The SNP have won 56 out of 59 seats. Simply staggering and a once in a generation political shift.
  • 09:18(08/05) One thing this election will go down for is the large number of big names who have lost their seats in pretty dramatic fashion. Charles Kennedy, Danny Alexander,Simon Hughes, Ed Davey, George Galloway, Jim Murphy, Douglas Alexander,Vince Cable and Ed Balls have all been thrown out.
  • 09:30 (08/05) The voting system will come sharply into focus after this result. UKIP have won over 3 million votes and the Greens have won 1 million , yet both parties have so far only gained one seat.
  • 09:45 (08/05) It looks as if Ed Miliband will stand down as leader of the Labour party sometime today. Nick Clegg’s position as Lib Dem leader also looks highly uncertain.
  • 10:36 (08/05) Nigel Farage has failed to get elected in Thanet south. His future remains in the balance.
  • 10:55 (08/05) Conservatives predicted to win with a majority of 6.
  • 11:25 (08/05) Nigel Farage resigns
  • 11:40 (08/05) Nick Clegg has also resigned.
  • 12:15 (08/05) Ed Miliband has now resigned too,he is the third leader to do so today on a historical day in British politics.
  • 12:37 (08/05) Just 8 seats left to declare now. The final results will be posted as soon as these are confirmed.
  • 12:40 (08/05) And there it is. The tories have reached the magic number of 326 and will be able to form a majority Government.
  • 14:22 (08/05) Just one last seat to be confirmed in St Ives.
  • 16:00 (08/05) And there we have it. St Ives has also gone from the Lib Dems to the Conservatives. All 650 seats have been declared and the Conservatives have won an overall majority of 12 with 331 seats.

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