The power of rhetoric does not only focus on the quality of the words but also on the way you say them. For this reason, some people stand out and prove themselves to be better public speaker. Would you like to be one of them? Would you appreciate being listened to by others no matter what you say? And would you want to have the power and skills to say anything, the right way? Here are 7 steps that you can follow to become a better public speaker.

1. Know your audience

In order to inspire those listening to you, you must first of all know who you are talking to. It is important to understand their interests, their age, their cultural background and their gender. You cannot affect them if you do not know who they are, what they know and don’t know and where they come from.

2. Eye contact 

The language of the eyes is the most powerful of all. If you know how to inspire your audience with your eye contact, then your words will shine.

3. Body gestures

A comfortable and confident person always has the right hand moves, body language, and knows when to stand still and when to take a few steps. As a good public speaker, you must always use your body in the most appropriate way.

4. Voice pitch and tonality

Your voice is your weapon so use it in the most effective ways. If you’re excited, raise your voice, but do not scream. Your pitch cannot change completely, since it is something you are born with, but it can definitely be improved. Imagine yourself part of the audience. How would you like your speaker to sound?

5.  Speak slowly and articulate

What is the point of speaking if you are fast and do not articulate? What is the point of doing such efforts if your audience won’t understand a word? Speak slowly and articulate for them to remember.

6.  Get interactive 

It is never one-sided. Whatever you are saying, it is essential to interact with the rest to make the audience involved in what you are saying. The purpose of your words is for them to be transmitted, and they cannot be transmitted without interaction.

7. Show your passion 

Passion is the key to be an inspiring public speaker, because no one was ever influential and powerful without passion. Find your passion and show it!

Follow these steps and improve your public speaking skills. Because if you can speak, you can inspire and if you can inspire, then you can change lives.

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