Let me take you on a trip, stop you from feeling sick, you’re having a feeling of withdrawals and I can help you get through it. Just follow me, don’t ask where, just trust me, I understand, I know it’s not fair.

Let me in, I can help, it’s not a sin, I create jobs and help people think. Let them stop and stare, that’ll happen anywhere, I can give you confidence, and let you show off that hair. It’s not an addiction, it’s just something you enjoy doing, it’s not intoxicating, it’s soothing, educating, and doing it all through teaching you about you as a human being.

There’s no such thing as overdosing, there’s just half-assing, and being better at connecting. I’ll help you get the latter feeling. So carry on doing what your doing, and while your doing it tell me the last time you had this feeling. He goes to answer but his mouth isn’t moving, his body’s shaking, and his mouth stays open. He has flashbacks and starts loathing, the only thing that’ll take the pain away is continuing.

The feeling takes him to the next morning, he starts his breakfast midway through yawning, he eats what he can, but the rest will have to wait for him. Starving and a life that’s exhausting, he’s gasping for breath, and reaches a point where he needs to start crawling.

He’s reached his highest point but in his mind he keeps falling, he doesn’t give up and continues chasing, that feeling of meeting all of his expectations. But he’s set the bar so high, and it’s only getting higher, the roads look dull, but his mind is getting clearer, he has that final push and now he feels better. Because he can finally rest forever.

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