As we grow older and see the beauty as well as the atrocities of life, we realize that there were certain lessons the younger versions of ourselves didn’t know; words we were unable to say and steps we were afraid to make. Here are 10 lessons that we should have preached.

1. Your grades do not determine how intelligent you are.

You hate it. You hate going to class. You hate homework and you can’t wait to graduate just to get rid of this nightmare. Your parents think you’re a failure because your brother is an honour student and your sister just finished her master’s degree. But guess what! You might succeed more than them all. Let’s put aside names like Bill Gates and Albert Einstein, some of the most brilliant and accomplished men.Those who fail in their report cards might become the future leaders of tomorrow. Do not judge the D student of your class … he or she might become your boss.

2. People who love you will always find time for you.

We made excuses for them, didn’t we? We convinced ourselves that they do want to see us because they have no time. The thing is, they do not have to have time – they can simply create some for you. Truly, if people want you in their lives they will do anything to make you a part of it. There are no excuses.

3. The beginning is always the hardest.

Whether it is a protein diet, studying for official exams, getting over a break-up, or trying to achieve any goal, the hardest part is the beginning. You have to keep going, keep believing in yourself, remember why you started in the first place, and know that one day, when you get to your destination, you will realize that nothing worth having comes easy.

4. You can never please everyone.

It is very simple: if everyone likes you, then there is something wrong. Don’t be a people-pleaser because it will exhaust you. It is not normal to please everyone because that is not the purpose of your life.

5. Dreams don’t work unless you do.

Some people believe in luck – others believe in opportunities. I believe in hard work. Work hard and your dreams will come true. You will fail once, twice, three times, four, maybe five, but if you want it bad enough, you will work even harder. Dreams are not given – they are earned.

6. There will always be someone better than you.

Wherever you are and whatever you do, there will always be someone better. No, this shouldn’t bring you down. On the contrary, it should push you to do better. It should motivate you into climbing the ladder of success. And make sure to appreciate your capabilities and understand that life is not about competing with others, it is all about competing with yourself.

7. Find your passion.

No human being can fully be happy without passion. It truly awakens parts of you, you never knew existed. It brings out the best in you and it drives you to aspire and inspire. It is extremely important for you to find your passion because it is the basis of a satisfied person.

8. Half of your friends are fake friends.

Put it this way: the smaller your circle is, the better it is. Why? Because not all those you surround yourself with want to see you do well. Some people are simply fake friends who will backstab you or try to harm you once they see you doing better than them. Choose your friends wisely – and ask yourself: ‘Who would be happy to see me succeed?

9. If you can’t find a role model, be one.

Yes it is crazy but it is also possible. Be inspirational. Let people say ‘I wanna be just like her/him’. Be the kind of role model you would follow and remember, you should be what you want the world to be.

10. The key to success is positiveness.

You sit in bed, unmotivated and not willing to do anything. But, you must know that in order for your life to turn out your way, you must attract the positive vibes. You want to be an achiever? Act like one. You want to succeed? Stop putting yourself down – because if you do, life will as well.

Now life will always remain an unsolved mystery but oh, how we wish we knew all its secrets.

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