I know what you’re thinking. Oh no, here we go again. Another anti-gay post. Well you’re wrong. This is a post that welcomes a different perspective.

The American Supreme Court has actually legalised gay marriage. It’s a strong topic. It’s a controversial topic. But it’s a topic that now cannot be ignored or overlooked. Whilst many people are celebrating gay rights amongst the nation, there are many others who are not satisfied with the legislation.

Anyone who is against gay marriage is verbally slaughtered for having their own opinions. They are verbally battered because they think differently to the society around them. Changes to legislation do not change everyone’s beliefs at the speed of light. Call this a fairy story, but not everyone will change their views in the blink of a fairy wand. Everything won’t change instantly. It would be absurd to think so.

Is it really worth your time and energy then, to throw spiteful comments towards those who have different opinions? Last time I checked, we still have freedom of speech and freedom of religion. This doesn’t mean ‘freedom of speech except speech against gay rights’. It’s a spiteful truth. But it’s the truth. Savage comments about gay rights are equally as awful as savage responses. Ferocious responses do not represent love but hostility. There won’t be a promised new united community – but simply more hostility.

The same works with religion. It’s all about perspective. If you view God as a grey-bearded, powerful man who separates himself from humanity, then of course you’ll be enraged with ‘religious’ excuses against gay rights. But understand that many people don’t see God like that. God is seen to many as a warm-hearted father who tries to guide his kids along the right path – something you’d expect a father to do, right? So of course if people love God, they will love his words and advice too. Supreme Court legislation will hardly change that. Until God changes His words, nothing changes in the minds of the believers. You can choose to throw dirty, spiteful remarks to this fact, or you can choose to be mature and nod it off. Your own belief still stands. The legislation still stands. It’s about time this was said.

If the whole global population became gay, that would be the end of the human race. So, surely, being gay is wrong and against nature? Answering this question is a lot more difficult than it sounds. One could simply respond, if the whole global population became infertile, it would also be the end of the human race. Perhaps, Mother Nature sees both of these instances to be dysfunctional. Who knows …

Gay marriage is an interesting topic and it’s quite clear which side the world is rooting for. There are arguments for and against gay marriage, but this shouldn’t be a timed debate with winners. It should be a discussion where we all understand the different perspectives. It’s one thing to understand and another thing to agree.

Gay equality? What about religious equality? The day gay rights were recognised globally, is the same day religious individuals were shamed for their belief. Racial equality, gender equality, gay equality and soon there may be campaigns for religious equality. Religious equality may be active in theory but it certainly is not active in practice. You may prejudice someone because they have a tattoo or because of where they live. But imagine being discriminated because of your personal beliefs. The individual wouldn’t be expected to change their tattoo or change where they live. Similarly, other individuals should not be expected to just change their beliefs.

Thus, abusive remarks concerning gay rights will only do more harm than good. Similarly, abusive responses will not help, but instead hinder the development of this supposedly ‘growing’ community.

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