Today, July 1st, 2015, marks the 54th birthday of the Princess of Wales, Lady Diana. And as words will never be able to express what a great loss her absence is, the least we can do is commemorate her memory with joy and aspiration.

Today, we remember a woman who lost her life but whose presence is still among us. Today, we think of a person so humble and so beautiful that we can hardly see her picture and not smile. Today, we salute you Lady Diana, because you are a lady in every way.

The Queen of hearts

Known for being the People’s Princess, Lady Diana was always closer to the population compared with the rest of the Royal Family. With her big heart and her will to listen for the sake of understanding rather than responding, Diana left a great impact on thousands of lives and touched hearts in a way that cannot be measured with numbers. ‘I’d like to be a queen in people’s hearts’, said Diana. ‘But I don’t see myself being queen of this country’, she continued.

A humanitarian 

Since the day she stepped into the royal spotlight, Lady Diana tirelessly gave a helping hand, contributing in charities, workshops and campaigns as part of her humanitarian activities. Whether it was helping the victims of landmines, or HIV and cancer patients, Lady Diana was always there to stand by those in need. ‘Nothing brings me more happiness than trying to help the most vulnerable people in society’, admitted the Lady. ‘I want to do, not just to be’, she insisted.

A strong mother 

Despite the fact that she struggled with bulimia, depression, as well as her divorce from Prince Charles in 1996, Lady D made sure to be the best mother possible to her two sons, William and Harry. ‘I live for my sons’, she admitted. Her royal duties were a priority, but nothing was more important to her, than her kids. ‘Family is the most important thing in the world’, Lady Diana assured.

A patient wife

‘There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded’, admitted the Princess once. But despite all the heartache, all the pain, and all the ups and downs, she believed in love, and said ‘I went to the school and put it to William, particularly, that if you find someone you love in life, you must hang onto it, and look after it’. ‘And if you were lucky enough to find someone who loved you, then you must protect it’, she continued. And now her oldest son, Prince William, is happily married and a father of two.

A fashion icon

Few are those who set the trends, these are the people to whom the fashion world forever owes respect and appreciation. Lady Diana, with her elegance and her prestigious style set the trends which did not fade, after she was gone.

‘Only do what your heart tells you’, she advised. And our hearts tell us to respect and cherish her memory until the end of time. She certainly deserves to be appreciated, not only for being our Princess, but for being a human being who saw royalty as a service to others and not a position of privilege. As she said, ‘Life is just a journey’ – but this journey can be a short one, so make it worth living.

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