A website promoting an open access, moneyless society has reached a signatory milestone with 50,000 signatories, representing nearly every nation on the planet.

Founded in March 2011, by Irish songwriter and music producer Colin Turner, www.freeworldcharter.org asks visitors to sign up and support ten objectives aimed at creating a fairer, more sustainable world.

The 50,000th signatory was Neno Crvelin from Croatia, he comments: ‘I have opened my eyes to think about what we can all do to progress, instead of just thinking about myself’.

Founder Colin Turner is now aiming to raise more support for the cause, he says: ‘This is a magnificent milestone. I never believed that the site would strike a chord with so many people around the world. We are now aiming to reach 100,000 signatories!’

A total of 206 nations have currently signed the petition, with the UK, the USA, France, Germany and Canada making up the top five countries.

Colin adds: ‘Slowly but surely we are waking up to the many errors of our ways. The current trajectory we are on is unsustainable both environmentally and economically. Without caring for the planet and its people, we are destined to go the way of the dodo.

‘The Free World Charter, like many similar organisations and movements set up in recent years, seeks to address the many existential issues we face holistically. Our problems are all interconnected and, until we realise that money lies at the root cause of most of them, then we will keep making the same mistakes’.

Colin admits we are far from achieving this harmonic, progressive and moneyless society, but states that millions of people are recognising ‘it is wholly possible‘.

Colin has also set up a free world clock that is proposed as a countdown to this change of thinking, with a target date of the 4th of July 2040. He has previously attempted to walk around the world without money. He got as far as the edge of Europe before having to abandon his odyssey.

He has also been behind a 2015 Eurovision Song Contest entry together with musicians from across Europe. It received a good reception as part of the Swiss qualifying process and has also initiated a campaign to encourage Iceland to become the world’s first resource-based economy.

Colin concludes: ‘The more people that wake up, the more the genie is out of the box. Once you have planted the seeds in people’s minds that we are capable of building something so much better together, the closer we get to its eventual implementation.

‘Back in 2008 we saw the incredible limitations of a global, debt-consumed economy starkly exposed. We need to build a much better, fairer, more secure world for everyone. It’s in all our hands’.






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