My Bar Week Placement

I’m not a morning person, but I was forced to be one,

I don’t normally wear suits, but if I didn’t, I would be unable to come.

I started off small, Going through case files,

The next day was big; I witnessed a trial.

I got to coUrt, yet had to be checked?

I told them I did not carry a gun, yet still they inspect …

We cross-examined our client, I couldn’t tell if he was lying,

I thought my poker face was good …

ClearLy he was more conniving.

Was it his dark blue denim jeans, or was it his red and white shirt?

For a man who could be sent to jail, he was calm? It was absurd!

We went into court, I watched and waited,

I wanted to take a picture, but for some reason it was prohibited.

Within fifteen minuTes we had won the case,

I was cheerful, ecstatic, and our client sought solace.

We left the court, and went our separate ways,

For us it was the chambers, for our client, who knows?

We wrapped up the case, which lasted for years,

I was glad to have witnessed the end of it,

SadlY there were no tears

The description I depicted took place within a day,

If I was here for years to come,

The thrill I would gain would be hard to say.

                                     My time and presence spent here will be unforgettable,

  If I had to describe my experience here in one word, it would be Ineffable …

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