We may look serious and unapproachable, but before you turn around to go, take a closer look at what lies beneath

We know that we won’t make a lot of money – we might even be crazy at times – but there is one thing about us that makes us, journalists, special and that is our Passion; because our profession would die without our dedication. Yes she will pick on your grammar and false arguments, but she is patient yet curious and she will fascinate you. So here are 8 good reasons why you should date a journalist.

1. We have a high IQ

According to Psychology Today, the average IQ of a journalist is in the 137 to 160 range, that’s in the top 1 percent to 0.1 percent, which means we are on the same intelligence level as lawyers, engineers, and computer science professors. Having said that, our IQ permits us to understand you, because reports and articles are not the only things we’re good at. If you like a partner who is brilliant and can keep up an interesting conversation – pick us!

2. We are the best listeners

Listening is a skill that we have, before writing. We will listen to you and understand you. We will not judge you and we will be there to give you the best advice possible in order for you to shine. We might be busy and overwhelmed with work but we will always find time for your problems, because your wellbeing is worth a thousand article.

3. We are great time managers

We have tons of reports everyday, we have meetings to attend, news to follow-up, and a great amount of words to shape into one good column. All these tasks would not be possible without time management, at which we are experts. This being said, we will always find time to make you happy; make a good meal or take you out for dinner, or go out on a trip and cuddle with you until the sun rises.

4. We are not overly attached

Let’s be honest, we do not  have time to ask you 10 million questions about your life, who you were with, or why you did a certain thing. We are usually busy enough with our own lives that we will do just enough to make it a healthy relationship, without letting all the drama mess up your freedom.

5.  We are creative

In order to keep a relationship standing on its feet, creativity is necessary. Why? Because with time, it gets boring. However, with our brainstorming and all the headlines that we see everyday, we never run out of ides. This way, whether it is your birthday, Christmas, or just another average day, we will come up with the most surprising and interesting touches to add a sparkle to your life.

6. We are not gold diggers

Do not get me wrong – that does not mean to imply that other women are. But, think about it. We do our job, go through all its pain and danger, and still give 100 per cent of ourselves to get the best results. The papers that we care about are not money. And we will always believe that a person’s worth is not measured by how much cash they have in their bank account. To us, a credit card is a way to get through life – but never, a way of life.

7. We are honest

Sometimes it’ll hurt you and it might get us into an argument, but know that we always do it for the best. Our honesty is part of who we are and what we do, and we believe that once it’s gone, then we are gone too. We will tell you if you look bad, if we are upset or if we prefer another vacation destination, because we believe that it saves time. We will not give you signs and play hard to get, no. We will tell you right in your face.

8. We idolize freedom

No human being is complete without his or her freedom. As we worship it in our profession, without which we wouldn’t be able to continue working, so we also idolize it in our personal lives. Why? Because we believe that your freedom is precious and must not be taken for granted, especially when you partake in it with us. This is something we will respect and fight for until the end of time.



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