Step away from that Taste the Difference chocolate bar! Your wallet will ‘taste’ it before you do

In the main, those who have bothered to click on this article will be people who want to know more about how to save money in general. If you are about to start university or college, then you are definitely at the right place. After all, being a student is growing ever more expensive. However, most of these steps can benefit anyone!

If you want to do yourself some favours, then follow this easy advice:

1) NUS Card

If you are a student, over the age of 16, then this card can become your very own best friend. Statistics prove that it can save you over £500 a year. You love fast food? Great. With the NUS Card, you can take a trip to your local McDonald’s, buy a Big Mac on its own and be rewarded with free medium fries. Who doesn’t love free medium fries? It’s great for stationary sales, and cheaper clothes. Clearly, overusing the card won’t actually save you a lot of money. But with time and discipline, this NUS card has to be one of the best ways to save a few pounds.

2) Use Tokens

This is one of the best ways of spending less money on food. You can find tokens in newspapers, magazines or you can even find some online. You get the same quality food – just for less money. It’s a win-win situation. In the long term, you will save hundreds of pounds a year. You won’t even feel ashamed, you’ll actually feel very smug and smart.

3) Supermarket Brands

Have you walked into your local supermarket and found two different brands of one biscuit? A real Maryland cookie and a fake version? So, you buy the ‘real’ version, just in case? Well, there really is no shame in buying the supermarket brands. It’s much cheaper and tastes practically the same. Buying in bulk is definitely recommended too because you have more food that way, for a longer period of time, and at a much cheaper price. If you aren’t too fond of supermarket brands, then at least look out for sales and deals on offer. It would definitely save you money, especially since these deals aren’t available at all times.

4) Be Organised

To avoid temptation and the habit of buying whatever you like, it’s important to be organised. This means, going to the supermarket with a prepared shopping list of items that you need. Don’t go to the supermarket when you are hungry, because that will increase the urge to spend more money on unnecessary items. If you aren’t too fond of the old-fashioned shopping list, then download some apps to help with organisation. The ‘Wonderlist’ App has a great reputation for helping people with this. After all, if you fail to plan … you plan to fail.

5) Stay indoors with friends

It’s great to go out with friends. It’s fun to take a trip to a theme park or out to a restaurant, or do some good old bowling. But if you want to save money, you should definitely suggest a cheaper way to hang out. You could still have fun spending time together indoors. Maybe, you could play some fun card games, or watch a movie? It would surely help keep that credit card in the wallet, where it belongs! You could host the movie night at your house and bring some cheap snacks. Even better, each friend could bring a snack and you’ll end up with a fantastic feast.

6) Save your loose change

This probably requires the least effort of all the money saving tips. Get a box, or a plastic container, and keep all your loose change in there. After a month, you’ll be impressed with how much money you have saved up. Loose change may initially seem so insignificant, because you can’t really do much with 20p nowadays. But with loads of 20ps and 10ps, you will find that soon, you can treat yourself to some new eyeliner or some tasty sushi.

7) Don’t borrow money off other people

Do not get yourself in debt. Never spend money that you don’t have. Borrowing money surely isn’t on your budget to save money. If you find yourself borrowing money, you are probably on the wrong track. Unless, it is an emergency – something like you need money to fix your broken-down car. But other than emergencies, avoid getting yourself in a worse situation. You wouldn’t want to find yourself on new episodes of Judge Rinder.

Stay Focused

Saving money is not a straightforward process. Whenever you feel discouraged, just remember your goal – your reason for saving money. Perhaps you want to save money for a new laptop, or you need it for a holiday. Remember that end goal and use it as an incentive. There are plenty of other ways of saving money. For example, having two accounts – one for savings and another for spending. There are many more ways, however, the advice above is simple and effective. Following all seven steps will lead you to success.


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