The very real danger of Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour leader may be causing some from his own party to sabotage his chances 

As thousands joined the Labour Party before the midday deadline to vote for the party’s leadership, anxiety grows in Labour circles of their legitimacy to vote.

Yet another Labour MP, Simon Danczuk, joins the call to have the election halted. As the bizarre turn of events takes an even stranger turn, the Guardian reports that a meeting held yesterday by labour big wigs ‘raised more questions than it answered’. One member who attended the meeting stated that there was ‘no level of confidence we could take’ from the party’s assurances.

What is more distressing is the unclear nature of whether these complaints are legitimate – or represent a last-ditch attempt to stop the left-winger Jeremy Corbyn becoming leader. In either case, this proves a very worrying dilemma for democracy, despite party officials trying to reassure all four campaign teams yesterday (Corbyn, Burnham, Cooper and Kendall) that no ‘entryists’ would be allowed to infiltrate the process.

All to stop a left-wing leader?

Already 1,200 ‘fake’ Labour supporters have been refused the right to become registered supporters, including the Tory-supporting journalist Toby Young and Conservative MP Tim Loughton.

However, it’s not only the Right that have become bent and twisted by the election for Labour leader. As many as 90,000 new affiliated union members have recently joined the Labour Party who will most likely vote Corbyn, sending shivers down the spines of his rivals.

The campaign teams still do not have the names of the affiliate members as the Labour Party needs to vet 70,000 applications before sending out ballot papers.

Right or Left?

This idea of infiltration to manipulate an election is a very worrying concept and another scandal in the making, which will surely be pumped out by the media once election results are out. However, the real question is what has happened to democracy?

Are the Conservatives so scared of a left-wing leader in Labour that the likes of Toby Young and Conservative MP Tim Loughton need to degrade democracy so?

The Labour Party has always been a party set up for a left’wing voice, hence would it be fair to bar union affiliates from voting if they are simply joining the party as they now believe it has gone back to its leftist roots? Or has a chance to anyway … or is this simply a flaw in democracy itself?

If it was up to Labour MPs alone to vote for Ed Miliband’s replacement as party leader, Jeremy Corbyn wouldn’t get a look-in. Simon Danczuk, for instance, while questioning the election procedure on the BBC said that if Jeremy Corbyn wins he will find it difficult to maintain discipline because so few MPs would vote for ‘crazy left-wing stuff’.

Yet with the latest YouGov poll having Corbyn on 53 per cent and set to win the election outright, is this simply a ploy by Labour MPs, so out of touch with their own grassroot party members, to stop Jeremy Corbyn’s election at whatever cost? It’s hard to tell, but one thing is for certain, whatever the result, the losing party will claim they have been wronged, deepening ever more the lack of trust between ordinary people and British politics.

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