The media’s increasing sluggishness when it comes to informative reporting is causing the public to become equally incapable of forming intelligent opinions that do not involve celebrity culture

Europe is in crisis. America is in an increasingly polarised election period. South America has seen growing tensions in local and foreign policy. The Middle East is falling apart. And in the meantime, we are silent.

In many cases, our intention to mobilise and understand the effects of the situations we are experiencing is in jeopardy by the conscious action of a biased, bought media source reportage. An amazing amount of posts in social media feeds from ‘leading’ news sources discuss the life of celebrities, argue about reality shows and post reckless portrayals of different personas the media has created around minorities. It is a massive flow of stupidity in order to keep us in the dark and unable to generate a debate that may change the paradigm for the type of society we want to live in. The media has swayed from informing, to entertaining in an unbalanced way. There are literally no mainstream informative news sources that try to counterpose what we see and read everyday.

We have experienced a completely interconnected life in the last decade, and the way news sources are using the networks is pathetic. Where lies the truth about what happens behind our backs? Why are we letting ourselves be misinformed? Independent platforms with user-based journalism just as this one are the start; but there needs to be an increased engagement from the community in the discussion of the affairs that affect us all.

There are examples of community engagement by social media that resulted in appropriate actions being taken for the problems that were faced. There are examples of what mobilised democracy can achieve, but that can only happen when the citizens are truly able to understand the system that surrounds them.

Opinions, cartoons, polls, debates, video blogs and increasing virtual and physical engagement is getting us there. But are we ready to take a step forward and ask the necessary questions? To take a step forward and ask for accountability and responsibility? To take a step forward and make ourselves count?

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