If you’re stuck for ideas on how to get more involved in politics, here are the biggest events heading your way this autumn!

Alongside both Sheffield University and the Economic and Social Research Council, ShoutOutUK is thrilled to be involved in a new motion to encourage political discourse amongst young people.

Their aim is to get more people understanding and caring about the influence of politics, because no matter how much you insist you ‘don’t care’, it affects everything and everyone. From the path in education or employment you might want to take, to the flat you have your eye on in a bid to finally flee the nest, the decisions made by those in positions of political authority largely influence the opportunities you have, and sometimes don’t have, in life.

According to research gathered by the Crick Centre, another one of the organisations involved in the initiative, just 44 per cent of 18-24 year-olds voted in the 2010 General Election, compared with 76 per cent of over 65s. Alongside ESRC and Sheffield University, ShoutOutUK wants to change that. Below are a list of upcoming events that you can attend to get involved in promoting the spread of political knowledge and involvement amongst your friends, schools and communities.

Politics and Schools, how to get more young people involved: ShoutOutUK’s very own event will take place in Parliament on Wednesday the 14th of October, 2015 from 6 – 8pm. The aim of the evening’s discussion will be targeted at drawing attention towards the importance of politics as a school-taught subject that should be featured on the national curriculum. Much of the political apathy happening amongst young people today is because of the general inaccessibility of the subject, and what better place to introduce its significance than the classroom. Featuring speakers from the SNP, Conservatives and the Labour Party and chaired by Fatima Manji from Channel 4, the talk is sure to be a very interesting evening. So subscribe to the ShoutOutUK network to get access to a wealth of topical articles and tickets to this event: https://www.shoutoutuk.org/

The UN’s #YouthNow Global Action Campaign: The United Nations has set up an online campaign with the hashtag #YouthNow as a platform for young people to share and discuss weekly topics that affect them. From employment, to housing, health, education and conflict, it is an incredibly resourceful movement that draws together stories and issues from all over Europe. Although not an event that is set on a specific date, the campaign will run for the whole of this year as it is the 20th anniversary in commemorating the World Programme of Action for Youth. Their website is incredibly resourceful with facts, figures and interviews breaking down the prominent political, everyday issues affecting the young people of Europe today: http://www.un.org/pga/youth/

ESRC Photography Competition: After its resounding success earlier this year, the ESRC are running another photography competition aimed at 14-18 year-olds. This time the theme is ‘Focus on Society’ with a prize fund of £2000 and the opportunity to have your photograph exhibited in a London gallery as well as the chance to participate in a tour of various locations across the UK. Your photo will also be shared on twitter with the hashtag #esrcphoto. Further details will be on their website by the end of the week so follow the link below to get involved: http://www.esrc.ac.uk/news-and-events/events/photographic-competition/

MyLifeMySay.com: This website organisation run several annual events and campaigns like #BeTheChange in which the primary cause is to encourage young people’s involvement in politics. This campaign – along with their other social media operation called #PMFORADAY which allows youths to say what they would do if they were prime minister for the day in less than 140 characters – was established in the run-up to this year’s May election. Their most prominent event is Question-time. The last one they ran was quite a while back on the 31st of May, but they are constantly taking new applications to appear on up-and-coming sessions, so stay tuned on their twitter page (@MyLifeMySay) or follow the link below to their website to sign up! http://www.mylifemysay.org.uk/#!get-involved-btc/c11xh

Parliament Week: Scheduled to take place 16 – 22 November 2015, the week-long event describes itself as: ‘A programme of events and activities that connect people across the UK with Parliament and democracy’. Their website allows you to search for all the local events in your area or local city. Including the Accountability Hack in London on the 21st of November to the ‘All in this together? Question Time’ in Manchester on the 20th of November, the week has an array of events up and down the country completely free of charge and consisting of incredibly interesting topics. You can book your slot at any of the events using the link below! https://www.parliamentweek.org/events/

UK Youth Parliament House of Commons Sitting 2015: On the 13th of November the UK Youth Parliament will take to the seats in the House of Commons to debate the top five issues voted on by young people in the Mark Your Mark campaign (#MarkYourMark campaign ends Friday the 9th of October so get involved while you can!) Throughout August and the rest of September and October, teenagers from across the UK have the opportunity to vote on the issues to be discussed at this event. Click on the link below to register and get involved: http://www.byc.org.uk/events/uk-youth-parliament-house-of-commons-sitting-2015.aspx

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