‘Conscience’, takes you for a dark ride into the depths of human despair and careless actions that ultimately become irreparable

I’m an emotional wreck
And I’m about one more threat away from pointing this gun at my neck
Have I got your attention yet?
You ungrateful snake
For all of the times you’ve taken for granted all of those under your reign
It’s about time you pay and start to appreciate every dime you make

The same way we give thanks for every breath we take
You fake
My aim is to finish you but you’ll be doing my job for me if you keep going at this rate
Let’s face it. You’re sick
Do yourself a favour and put an end to all of this
Never in your life have you taken a risk so why start now?

Turning your life around could never end with a positive
That’s right take the easy way out, don’t put your family though any more suffering

You’ve been enough of a burden, there’s no need

To make them or yourself any more sick
Or worse off because of your miscalculations and habits
You’ve bottled this within you for too long to pour it all on them

So suddenly without warning.
Speaking of bottles, let’s have another so we can do some self-reflecting
Let’s start with the result of shutting all of those people out.
You see all you’ve accomplished?

You’re officially the last man standing
You are your worst enemy though, and you’ve left yourself dangling
Hanging by a thread with no friends but thousands routing for your fall
You look back at your entire life and realise you’ve missed your calling
But it’s too late, you’re too old to stand for something
That last one was a little too much wasn’t it? Did it leave a sting?
Now do you realise all of what you did?
You can’t stand yourself can you?
Well, too bad, there’s no running from this now.

He fought on and finally found a way out
He saw the escape route and realised what he had to do
He knew he had to start over
Create a new life for himself where there was no more judgement

And a chance for him to move on
It didn’t take him long,

To figure out how to get away from what went wrong
He knew he would have to go to a place where people wouldn’t be singing the same
Old songs

He always thought the devil you know is better than the one you don’t,

But in this instance

He couldn’t be any more wrong
He booked his ticket
A getaway to start a new beginning
Where he could be the only passenger and unravel

By getting away from all of his guilt
He found his way to get the weight off of his shoulders
But it was unfortunate that the runway to his escape would start at his wrist

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