Shout Out UK is bringing together some of the youngest political minds in the UK to discuss youth participation and political education.

An event, organised by Shout Out UK and hosted by Bob Blackman MP, gathered young people in Parliament to call on Political Education in Schools on the 14th October 2015.

The event, chaired by Channel 4 News Presenter Fatima Manji, discussed why the panel members’ got into politics and what Parliament and society at large can do to get more young people interested and involved in politics considering the low youth turn out at elections and the low general engagement with parliament.

The event opened with comments from Bob Blackman MP and Matteo Bergamini of Shout Out UK. By 6:30pm the event’s hashtag (#PoliticsInSchool) was trending on twitter.

Campaign Page:

Speaker List:

Bob Blackman MP, Conservatives

Alexandra Paterson, Leader of Conservative Future

Kirsty Blackman MP, SNP

Charlotte Hill, CEO of Step Up To Serve

Connor Hill MYP, Dudley

Some of the comments made by the speakers:

“We’ve got to have accessible politicians.”

– Charlotte Hill, CEO of Step Up To Serve

“It’s vital we understand what’s going on in our political system.”
– Connor Hill Member of the Youth Parliament for Dudley

The fact a 20 year old got into #Parliament should make people think ‘I can do that”

-Kirsty Blackman, Member of Parliament for Aberdeen North

To have an engaged population, you need to tell them how politics works.”

-Matteo Bergamini, Director, Shout Out UK

‘If you want to get involved in Politics, get involved while your young’”

-Bob Blackman MP for Harrow East




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