It’s not enough that a black man in this country can walk away without a bullet to his head for saying ‘f*** the police’


Increasingly, it is becoming more obvious that those who group under ‘UK Twitter’ seem to be particularly proud of the lack of brutality expressed by the police force in the UK. Yes, it is a real treat if anything that policemen in the United Kingdom tend to appreciate that the crime and the punishment need to go hand in hand. However, this shouldn’t be a fact that allows a certain group of people to feel superior. Death is prevalent in too many developed countries. Especially the United States.

Today, as I aimlessly scrolled down my Twitter Timeline, I came across a video. A video of a group of five to six grown men, (I would predict that the majority were in their late 20s), jokingly making a mockery of the police force. One of the men had a microphone to his mouth and bellowed ‘F*** THE POLICE’ while the others joined him in this chant. The majority of these men were black which quickly explained the caption attached to the video—’imagine if they did this in the US’. The caption ended with a full stop, however, I feel as if a question mark would have been more fitting.

It is no secret that in the United States there is a stigma circling those of a darker complexion, especially black men. The caption prompted me to consider what would have come of the situation if these men did the same in any state in the US. Immediately, I came to the sound conclusion that based on the facts and the treatment of some black men throughout this year alone, these men would have had a bullet through their skulls in less than a minute.

However, the question that I ask myself is this: If policemen in the UK had as easy an access to guns as the US policemen do, then surely these men could have potentially been the next hashtag for a week or two? Quite regardless of the country.

This reiterates the point that I think is crucial for individuals to understand. The justness of a country cannot be judged by the fact that the police don’t put a man in chokehold and continue to keep him there while he gasps, protesting that he ‘can’t breathe’. Or threaten that they will ‘blow [your] head off’ if you move. Such acts are disturbing, disgusting and destructive to a society. A society these policemen are meant to protect, yet instead too often they inflict harm and express hatred.

To conclude, policemen who respect their jobs should be credited and applauded for their work but a country shouldn’t feel admirable based on the fact that one black man hasn’t got a gun to his head in their country of origin.

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