Like most engineering courses, it is challenging to finish a degree in civil engineering. There are so many things to learn from this course and overwhelmed students either shift to a lesser known degree or drops out. It is a waste of opportunity because despite the difficulty of getting this degree, there are countless benefits for graduates of civil engineering.

With the economic development of countries around the world, finding a great civil engineering job is easy. Even if you are looking for an entry or supervisory position, there are so many global companies that would take you.

If you possess the right skills, attitude and mind-set, you’ll find a good life in civil engineering. Here are some of the in demand opportunities waiting for you:

Geotechnical Engineer

This is a specialized level of civil engineering. While typical civil engineers works on transport and communication infrastructures, geotechnical engineers consider topography and geography. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering will provide you an average median salary of $79, 340 a year, but if you have one year master’s degree in geotechnical engineering, it will increase by at least 20%.

Structural Engineer

Structural engineering is the most common and in demand specialization of civil engineering. All infrastructures like damns, bridges, and pipelines are subjected to pressure, and it’s the structural engineer’s job to make sure they don’t break down. If you want to work in another country, The Guardian UK 300 shares that Atkins, Arup, Mott MacDonald, and Skanska are some of the leading companies that provide international career opportunity for structural engineers.

Environmental Engineer

Concerns about the impact of structures to the environment is getting global attention. This is why the demand for environmental engineers increases. While companies prefer applicants with a degree in environmental engineering, related courses like civil engineering are accepted for this position. CNN reports a 21.9% growth in the demand for environmental engineers in the past 10 years. However, compared to other specialized engineering, environmental engineers don’t get as much salary.

Water Resource Engineer

Water resource engineers, a subset of civil engineering, designs safe water systems and equipment that manages human water sources. This career involves a combined knowledge in environment, safe structure, and geography- studies civil engineers are familiar with. In America, water resource engineers earn $51, 280 to $122, 020 a year. The industry is also projected to grow by 20% in the coming 10 years. If you want a career in water management system design, get a diploma from the American Academy of Water Resource Engineers (AAWRE) to have a competitive edge.

Civil engineers improve the lives of people, from building roads and dams, to ensuring the structure of a house. Getting yourself registered as a Professional Engineer is needed since public safety is of outmost consideration. You also stand out during interviews if you have a master’s degree and diploma in several specializations of engineering.

Become a civil engineer now and build better lives for the future!