Under 25s gathered at Europe House for a Free-thinking Workshop organised by Shout Out UK, delivered by RoadWorks Media and with a keynote speech by Erica Buist from the Guardian.

On the 12th November 2015, Shout Out UK, The Universal Peace Federation and RoadWorks Media presented and delivered a Free Thinking workshop, which helped participants relate to their role in society. Looking at their background and how that can influence a political position.

We looked at how important it is to be able to understand a situation from multiple perspectives. The workshop aimed to get you politically engaged by providing you with tools to empower the way you see yourself in society.

The event was headed by a Keynote speech from Guardian journalist Erica Buist and was hosted in partnership with Europe House, Parliament Week and the Crick Centre.

Quotes from Erica Buist:

“I think its difficult to feel passionately engaged with something when you’re best left out and at worst maligned”

“Young people feel as left out of the political discussion as, frankly, they are designed to”

“All politics is is just the policies that affect us every single day”

“If we want young people to engage in politics I think we need to stop blaming them for their own political irrelevance”

Workshop Details with Quince & Julien

Quince ran an exercise that involved the room being split into groups of roughly 6 with each group being given a political party and asked to write any thoughts, ideas or facts they knew about it. A good mold for how political education could potentially work in schools. Julien ran an exercise about “creating an informed opinion by opening perspectives”.


Feedback from attendees

“It was very interesting and informative”

“I now know a lot more about politics than I did before”

“ShoutOutUk made us think more about how much we know about politics and interesting activities with the workshops allowed us to illustrate our ideas of politics, including how we would cope if we were in parliament or in control. A more enthusiastic side for politics”

“I liked the creativity! Not just sitting and listening.”


“An intro to politics”

“Very good workshop I enjoyed the interactive activities. Would be interested in further workshops”