Nothing can bring back the dead. Nothing can change what has already happened. But we can stand in solidarity with France and say that we are not defeated!


I know you don’t want to hear this but personally

I thought the guns stopped in 1918

At the strike of 11

On a crisp November Morn


I didn’t think it would be these guns

Now in different form

That would give us cause to mourn

The deaths of poor Parisiennes


France Shut its borders

Closed every precinct

‘Twas a terrible way

To end Friday 13th


Who so stands?

Certainly not the dead

Those who rose to encore

Not to raise their hands again


Upon what motive?

Did these men destroy

We’re the opposing team

Caught up in defence


Not enough time to scream

Not enough time to flee

Bullets always ran faster than boots


We’re at war don’t you know?!?

When have we not been?

Not since 9/11



Have we ever forgot?


The war is only ongoing

The field closer to cliffs

It only has a stream to cross

So listen to this: Hold your own dear

We’re here together

Looking in fear and forceful fortitude

Observing with sympathetic attitude

We’re already fighting the home front


‘We will not be defeated’

They say

But look near, we’re already retreating

It’s already clear

The more we speak

Make our feelings appear

The closer we get

To being up here


But they’re right

Those in suits and bunkers

Representing our world


We will not be defeated

We will not stand by

We will move forward

ISIS hear our battle cry

The flag of peace will be raised again


Together we fight with Dignité

Together we fight for Humanité

But tonight we stand

In Solidarité

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