Each of us grieves differently but we all feel the same burdensome sadness because of what happened to France. Sometimes, a poem is necessary, to get that grief out


For Paris

It’s like the more I seem to do wrong the image of you I have seems to fade

It’s like my mind’s playing games

I’m in a test and every mistake I make seems to make you

Seem further and further away

I see you as my angel and you give me strength in a million and one different ways

See; everything I do is for you, so I don’t sin because that way there’s a chance you’ll be

More than a dream

But it seams the way I’ve been going, that dreams turn to steam

You’re like water and I feel like I have to keep you solid or else I’ll lose you in the smoke

Or in the rain, so I say this in hope, that you come to know, that you keep me sane

And on my deen

But now it’s become harder for me to believe

There’s a bigger picture, that I’ve been forced to see;

Innocent lives taken, with no rational reasoning for this creation of misery

I forget about myself as I see the pain in my fellow man’s eyes

I see the stress building up and his need to sit and cry


Because he can’t connect with the ones he loves,

He stares upwards and you can see

How much he really is traumatised

Meanwhile, I’m ignoring calls from my family, not realising how lucky I am, until I see

The grief instilled in him—

Not knowing whether his parents are dead or alive

But my guilt has spread

So much so that it’s felt across my country

No one is filled with anger, or the need for revenge

Instead we unite with one another and mourn, in remembrance

And as I turn on the TV

There is no negativity

An unfortunate event has left nothing but love on the streets

Finally at Peace

Finally defeating Anger

Finally replacing Rage

Finally using our Initiative

Finally we’ve found Success

Because we’re accepting death, but not with guns

We’re reacting with flowers


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