The feeling of quiet loneliness and restless agitation that comes and goes can wear you down, making you think the worst thoughts


Late at night alone with my thoughts
A house full of emotions filled with no passion or substance
Leaving me with no one to reach out to or call.

Sometimes I think I’m thinking too much, so I mask out my true feelings
And make jokes instead of showing mourning
It’s the only way through it —

When you’re brought up in a world
Which doesn’t allow expression
Doesn’t believe in depression or somebody’s downfall

Sometimes I wish I could take a loaded gun into a school filled with kids
So They could feel the pain I feel
But luckily for you insanity doesn’t steer this wheel

Then I fall asleep, feeling weak and powerless but at the same time
Powerful, because I’ve got confidence in knowing
That with everything thrown at me, I can still hit it with a smile

See, I see the funny side to being hit with the harsh truth
That this world is a Prison
So all my life I’ve lived through the feeling of feeling vile

Every moment I enjoy is a little too wild
But still I make the moments I live, worthwhile.
I may have stumbled, I may have fallen

But you’ll realise that’s nothing when you’re already in Hell
But then you wake up and realise every rule is there
For a reason

The rules aren’t made for my or your pleasing
But there are rules that’ll get us through every season
I can see how deeds are hidden gems like Jack’s beans

It’s only when you truly believe that you’ll reap
The benefits from what lies underneath the grass
And in the seeds

So use your tears to help not kill this tree
It’ll be filled with apples
But also give shade

Don’t let that restrict you,
Use it as a key
Only then will you truly be free.

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