Thousands of young women continue to absorb radical feminist ideology and the result is unhappiness rather than freedom


In life, my sole aim is to achieve happiness; in my eyes, this is the most noble, most fulfilling, most admirable aim for anybody to have.

Many women of today’s ultra pseudo-feminist movement are not happy. These women are moving in a very dangerous direction based on the lies they are told by far-left radical feminists who have a secret wish to control others, because  — more often than not — they themselves are suffering.

Too often we can observe feminist protests or marches which seem to predominantly feature 30- to -40-year-old, rather bitter women, trying to force their ideals on the younger twenty-someting group. Regrettably, modern Feminism is a nasty ideology, and it is greatly saddening that more and more young women are being drawn into its vicious net.

Fortunately though, Feminism appears to be diminishing in popularity, giving those with a more rational mind a glimmer of hope for the future of women. In the last few years, America which has previously featured the largest percentage of feminists has dropped from 28 to 18 per cent when it comes to women who identify themselves as such.

If you happen to come across any interviews, or journals and articles from women who have previously flown the feminist flag, you will quickly realise that most, if not all of them, have come to the conclusion that Feminism is exactly what many men see it to be … Namely, that it has turned into a bitter, empty and particularly nasty, man-hating show. Blogs like Jezebel which rally feminists up like a hoard of angry, emasculating savages, reinforce anti-male agendas with exaggerated statistics and outright lies which aim to convince readers that women hate men. In truth, most women do not hate men; actually, many of them quite like the idea of having a boyfriend. These women do not have anything in common with the particularly angry gender-warriors who wish to deny basic human nature by making claims and giving instructions that, rather ironically, seem to be designed to make women miserable. I truly believe that many women see this, which is why the feminist ideology is falling apart.

In the Western world, feminists complain about male dominance and ‘mansplaining’. There is a constant message that men are evil, broken and utterly harmful, and the idea of ‘toxic masculinity’ is a prime example of this. For many men this behaviour is offensive, irritating, unnecessary and destructive. Men are often abused in the media and easily dismissed in modern society, yet feminists still maintain that ‘men have all the power’.

Society has, unfortunately, put men in a very difficult position. In many news publications it is apparent that there is an intrinsic issue with being a white male. This feature is portrayed as giving privileged access to certain institutions, implying that there is a problem of inequality, where the majority of what a white male achieves is not really down to personal merit but societal bias.

This, however, is not the experience of many young men, today. Most, work their way through the education system with the promise of reaching university — a small glimmer of hope, for the average young man — and one in seven find themselves on Ritalin or Adderall, because they are held up to female behavioural standards.

Examinations have gradually been changing too. The marking schemes have been altered to make them easier for women, because many women do not perform as well as men in exams. Due to all this, young boys are now struggling and falling behind their female peers. This is, sadly, factual; fewer men are achieving the necessary grades to reach university, less achieve grades that are equivalent to women’s, and even less manage to graduate.

In the workplace, using the 2015 Cornell University study as an example, women have a two to one advantage over men going for the exact same job. The reason? Because absolutely every company is desperate to hire them after persistent media badgering over the supposed social inequality that women suffer.

As already stated, the experiences of young men who are growing up in this new age do not reflect the media headlines which condemn them for simply being white males. Furthermore, progressives do not seem to appreciate the irony of criticising somebody, simply for their complexion and orientation — they do it anyway.

There is however one claim that always gains attention: patriarchy. Feminists often argue that patriarchy is responsible for holding them back and clipping their wings. For the most part though, this anti-male terminology comes from a particularly archaic ideology that emphasises male power.  As Camille Paglia, a well-known critic of Feminism states: ‘If society had been left in the hands of women, we would still be living in mud huts’. Thank goodness for the patriarchy then; it got us to the moon, it built the internet, it built the very floor and ceiling that you currently rely on, as you sit reading this — women did not want to do that … Nor do most of them wish to take control of cranes, be steeplejacks, or drive oil lorries either.

Some, at this point,  may want to attempt a rebuttal with the following well-known reply: the above only holds because of traditional gender roles, whereby men went out hunting and foraging while women stayed at home and cared for the children. To this notion, I shall make the following point: we, as a society are very quick to complain about gender equality in the workplace when in fact, there are not enough women in particular fields precisely because of arbitrary quotas — but in this regard we stay silent.

Another formidable argument comes from the Leftist idea that gender is a societal construct. If gender is socially constructed, then one’s gender and behaviour are not instinctive or genetically inherited, but rather, taught to be this or that. If this is true, then there is absolutely no reason why girls cannot behave like boys, or boys like girls; this argument however is beginning to fall apart now because of  (ironically) another equality-based argument: the transgender debate.

Progressives are now reinforcing the idea that a person can be born with the wrong brain. But if a person can be born with a female brain, then this implies that there must be a gender-specific brain, and this in turn undermines the logic that femininity is merely a social construct. Rather, the transgender debate gives credence to the argument that there is, after all, a biological basis for certain behavioural differences between the two sexes resulting in behaviour that has historically made men into hunter-gatherers and women into nurturers and homemakers.

Women that I know, and also women that I have read about who have been given the modern feminist torch, with its career-oriented attitude, tend not to be happy people. They are in their twenties, or their thirties, and have been told that they can achieve anything that they want to achieve within their chosen career. Yet, they live in solitude with a cat or two, they are miserable, and they hate their friends who plaster their Facebook timelines with cute images of themselves and their respective partners.

These women who live in solitude have, quite often, been encouraged by feminists. They have been told that men should love and respect them, regardless of their weight and regardless of how they choose to look; that their self-esteem should not depend on a man’s preferences. All this they have happily absorbed but it hasn’t brought them much happiness; rather, it has put men off, and this is a vicious cycle that many women are being dragged into.

A vicious cycle caused by the modern feminist objection to a traditional, proven-to-work ‘societal construct’ of gender roles.

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