Sometimes wearing a mask makes it easier to do what we have to. After all, if the face can’t be seen, then we can finally be honest with ourselves


Put a mask on my face,
to cover up my emotions and let my lyrics display, how I’m feeling today.
I’m like Tech N9ne with this pace, my mouth is moving so fast it’s having a race,
with my tongue and my lips
But the scary thing is neither one of them want to cooperate.
So I’m forced to write it down,
Display my rampage on a piece of paper, before the paper is turned into a plane
and like my thoughts drifts away.

So instead of them being judged on their dismount, they’re judged on the way they’re read
And that simply is their fate — I hope you can relate.
But meanwhile I stay unfazed, with a look of not being tamed, and even if I was
I’d still wear a mask
To make myself look like an animal who belongs in a cage.

It’s a vicious cycle, that keeps me riding towards my final aim.
And that, like my mask keeps me at bay, because wearing it is the very thing
controlling my fate. It destroys
Me slowly, but I need it to create. And be creative
because it gives me the chance to express and illustrate, but at the same time
it highlights the treachery of my mind, and mind games is what it constantly plays.

It shows me my weaknesses by giving me strength, and that strength
Slowly deteriorates
with every look I give the mask, that mask is a representation of my final date
So I pray like a saint, my face no longer covered in paint
Now you can see the pain
A much clearer picture is visible, to my dismay.

I walk around feeling strange; too much attention, and too much fame.
Back to square one is what my mind says.
I should’ve listened as I see my reflection in a puddle
I’m having a series of rebuttals; my vision is tunnel, but I still feel
The eyes pointing my way.
I just want to drift into the background and fade, but life’s not simple
Here comes another rush of people — time to cash in my stake.

Put a fork in me I’m done, because I can’t take anymore of this in
So take away my plate. And let me prey on your feelings from a distance
I don’t want contact; I just want to eat, sleep and pray.
But I have to do what I have to do, to live another day
So today, I go to my neighbours’ place for the hand-me-downs
And give them to a more needed estate.

Collect my profits and hide away
But now my door is being knocked down
They see my frown
I take one last look at my town, before I finally escape.

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