A youth news network flash poll indicates that just under 70% of young people wish to stay IN the EU

As the EU referendum and the idea of a ‘Brexit’ begins to become the center of political debate, Shout Out UK,  a multi-award winning independent youth news network decided to ask ‘If you could decide now, would you stay IN or OUT of the EU?’

Out of the 903 young people (16-25 years old) polled 69% voted to stay IN the European Union.


‘I am 23 and it does not surprise me that young people would vote to stay IN the European Union. We were born with the EU, it is what we have always known.’

-Matteo Bergamini, Founder, Shout Out UK

‘Us, the youth, a voting category that is usually dismissed as unimportant in an election campaign could swing this decision. The government may seem to have blocked the House of Lords, Lib Dem, Labour and SNP plans to lower the voting age to 16, but we do still have a voice. A voice that will determine the future of Britain. We have been given that voice through the beauty of democracy: lets not waste this chance to truly decide our future.’

-Erik Green, EU Correspondent, Shout Out UK


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