It’s that time of the year again where you suddenly feel single more than ever and ask yourself where you went wrong. Stop right there and follow these steps


1. Go out with your single friends

Let’s face it, not everyone is in a relationship and not everyone celebrates the 14th of February. So make your calls and go grab a beer with some friends or invite them over and order pizza. You are NOT alone. According to the Office of National Statistics’ most recent study, about 51 per cent of the UK’s population is single. Also, 50.2 per cent of the United States is too.

2. Acknowledge the meaning of love

The main problem when speaking of love, is the fact that we immediately relate it to a partner or someone we want to be with. We, therefore, do not separate love from being in love. Look at this day as an opportunity to celebrate love for your country, your parents’ love, your friends’ sincerity, and your self-love. It is a chance for you to reevaluate who and what truly matters. Also, remember that love is all about generosity. If you don’t tell your mother how much you love her, do it. Buy a kid you know, who cannot afford an education, a toy and some heart-shaped chocolates. Send your grandma red roses. Thank your instructors or your boss (if you tolerate them) for embracing your work ethic. Remember, love is a lot more than what we think it is.

3. Do not watch The Notebook

Regardless of how amazing Nicholas Sparks’ work is, do not, I repeat, do not watch any of his work, or any dramatic, desperate romantic movie because you will end up crawling under your bedsheets, remembering your old lost love, and listening to Bleeding Love or any playlist that’ll make you cry. It is not worth it. Get up, watch Friends for the twentieth time and order your favourite cuisine. Remember, spoiling yourself is part of loving yourself. And what better day than the 14th to celebrate your ‘narcissism’.

4. Have a weekend getaway

This year Valentine’s happens to be on a Sunday. Take the weekend off starting Friday evening and visit your parents or take a trip with your loved ones. Do not hate this day: take advantage of it! If you’re living in the UK, here are 10 great destinations.

5. Bake heart-shaped cookies

C’mon, everyone loves cookies. Call your loved ones, get the ingredients, and enjoy baking some heart-shaped delicious treats. This is a fun group activity that involves playing with flour and the chance to spend some quality time in the kitchen, all while you wait for crusty beauties to come out of the oven! No idea how to make Valentine-themed cookies? Here are some tips!

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day and remember, there is definitely somebody who loves you!

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