Dealing with people and helping them through their problems is a satisfying and rewarding job. Whether they are students, employees, patients, or just any normal individual, helping and guiding them through a difficult situation is something to be proud about. With the rise in popularity of online courses, getting a diploma in counselling is getting easier. Within a year, you would be able to get a diploma which you can use to start your career in counselling. Online courses, such as the Diploma of Counselling from BCA National, not only offers shorter time in getting a diploma, they are also cheaper than traditional education.

Here are 4 reasons on why you should consider a counselling career:

  1. Counselling is a growing profession. With the rise of the demand for counselling, those in this particular profession have a wide variety of choices in where they work as a counselor. They may choose to be self-employed and have their own private counselling office or they may work in certain institutions such as medical centers, welfare organizations, help lines, marriage and relationship therapy centers, schools, colleges, and universities. They also have a choice on where they would want to offer counselling on, ranging from depression and anxiety issues, separation and divorce, to things like bullying, relationships, and career paths.

  2. You learn to adapt in different scenarios. Counselling often puts you in a situation where you would have to imagine yourself in a particular situation in order to know what the right course of action is. With a career in counselling, you would be able to grow as an individual while also helping others grow and mature into better versions of themselves. By imagining yourself in your client’s situation, you are able to learn valuable lessons which you may adapt to your own life.

  3. You have the ability to make a difference in society. Solving difficult issues with a person enables you to change their attitude and possibly have impact on other people in their life. You may be able to help a drug-addicted individual in getting back his life and his family, or help a couple fix a relationship which otherwise would have ended with divorce, thereby saving their kids from emotional stress. With a counselling career, you may be able to pave a way for a better society, you would be able to help individuals which would resonate through others, forging a way for a brighter tomorrow.

  4. You have the ability to change the life of an individual. The most important moment in a counselor’s life would be when they change the life of an individual for the better, which only a few people can ever experience. With a counselling career you are empowered to make a difference in the lives of people. It would be a privilege to be able to be let in to these people’s lives and make it better, whether it is an ex-drug addict wanting to change his ways, a bullied student overcoming depression and desire to commit suicide, or simply directing students to careers that they have passion for.

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