The infamous Bard, he’s timeless, he’s a genius and his work brings joy.

Why I read Shakespeare:

Because life is alight with the words of Shakespeare and he didn’t need slang to sound good.
Because Macbeth’s consumption with power and treachery helps guide me away from his mistakes in times of darkness.
Because a smile is the beginning of Romeo’s sonnet,
And laughs are the bittersweet memories Timon faced in that hole, in that desert, far from Athens.
Because Oberon teaches me the self-destruction of spite,
Because Hamlet’s determination to avenge his father’s murder engulfed him in hatred and death.
Because I can question Anthony’s love for Cleopatra.
Because Caliban finally got his island!
Because my mind is interwoven with the plots, loves and losses of Shakespeare’s world
Because I can be enveloped in the soothing arms of Shakespeare’s words in times of trouble.
Because I believe every conversation stemmed from the words of Shakespeare and Milton.
Because you have to escape to somewhere …
Why not make it  a world of poetry, wonders and dreams?
Because nobody wants a TV zombie for a child

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