As in every 4th year in the United States, the presidential campaign season is in full swing, and that means odds makers worldwide are offering bettors the opportunity to predict the next president for profit. With several candidates such as Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz already seeing their campaigns come to an early end and the official candidate selection drawing near, the strong odds to gain the Oval Office lie with the frontrunners for each of the two major political parties in America.

Democratic Party

The remaining nominees for the Democratic Party are locked in a fairly even struggle, with the candidates currently vying for electoral support from individual states as well as their political peers. Hilary Clinton, wife of former president Bill Clinton, is considered to be the favorite from among both parties to win the general election with odds ranging from 1-2 to 8-15 depending on the odds maker.

Senator Bernie Sanders is the other high profile Democratic candidate, and while his odds of gaining the Democratic Party’s nomination for the presidential race are seen as much longer, commonly rated at approximately 12 to 1, an outpouring of grassroots support created by strong performances at each of the last two debates between the Democratic candidates has had a positive effect on his perceived chances, as his odds have shortened significantly since the beginning of his campaign.

Republican Party

The Republican Party’s nomination is currently being decided between three candidates seen as viable for the nomination, with Michigan governor John Kasich rated at 25 to 1 odds and junior senator Marco Rubio currently possessing the longest odds of gaining the nomination, commonly rated at 50 to 1. However, the Republican nomination is virtually assured to businessman, reality television star and public speaker Donald Trump.

Despite becoming the source of nearly constant polarization due to his outspoken nature and unorthodox political style, Trump has gained several high profile endorsements leading up to the Republican candidate selection, including those of ex-candidates Chris Christie and Ben Carson, bolstering his already fervent support in the party and greatly increasing his odds of winning a general election against either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.

The candidates to become the next President of the United States are beginning to distinguish themselves to voters, and the odds makers have taken notice. For many reasons, the 2016 Presidential election is shaping up to be one of the most fascinating races in recent history, and wagering on the winner is a way to add even more excitement to the political process.

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