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Young people discuss the free market in parliament

Winner of this year’s Harrow Business Den competition has organised an event discussing the issues surrounding capitalism and the free market in light of the 2008 economic crash. Shout Out UK have teamed up with CapX and arranged a debate…

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First political literacy course completed at Bentley Wood

For the first time, a school in Harrow has completed a political literacy course run by award winning independent news network Shout Out UK.  Students at Bentley Wood High School are the first in the borough to complete the Political…

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China is in deep water following ‘aggression’ from Argentina

A Chinese fishing vessel has been sunk but Argentina is not to blame for the hostile response     A Chinese fishing trawler holding 32 crew members sailed towards Argentine waters last week. The Argentinian response? To shoot and sink…

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Double crime in Ecuador: The controversial case of two backpackers

Two friends raped and murdered and still the public criticises the parents instead of the perpetrators   Montañita is a very well known beach in Ecuador among tourists; many people go there with friends to have a good time and party….

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