For the first time, a school in Harrow has completed a political literacy course run by award winning independent news network Shout Out UK. 

Students at Bentley Wood High School are the first in the borough to complete the Political Literacy Course. The course which is being taught at 17 schools across London this year, aims to get young people interested and engaged in politics whilst acquiring an AQA Level 2 award.

It covers an introduction into British Politics, International Relations and Employability and Politics. The course also puts emphasis on people skills – the art of verbal communication – which includes campaigning, fund-raising, public speaking and debating.

Founder of Shout Out UK Matteo Bergamini said:

You can’t expect the next generation to understand and get involved in voting and politics if they are not taught how it works. Political Literacy is one of the most valuable gifts we can give the next generation as it bestows upon us the tools needed to build a better society. The hunger for politics is their, we just need the knowledge to engage.”

As well as helping students with their self esteem and confidence, the course is about showing young people that politics is in everything we do in life, so it pays to be involved.

Roisin Murray, Teacher, Bentley Wood High School said:

Understanding Politics is key to understanding how society works. Shout Out UK’s Political Literacy Course supports students in developing their political awareness so they can take a more active role in society. After sitting in on several lessons with Shout Out UK and our students, I can honestly say it has been a fantastic opportunity for our students to develop their knowledge and awareness of current affairs as well as their ability to speak in public, debate and present a discussion coherently. This has also helped students to develop their self-esteem and confidence.”

In March Shout Out UK were crowned winner of the 2016 Harrow Business Den Competition to take their Political Literacy Course further. They will now work on introducing the course into all schools in Harrow.

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AQA Support

The course is supported by a qualification from the exam board, AQA, at the end of the course. All successful students will receive an AQA Level 2 Unit Award Statement for each successfully completed unit.

Notes to editors:

About Shout Out UK

Shout Out UK is a multi-award winning independent news network and course provider that, via journalism, film, events and education, connects one of the largest network of intelligent, adventurous and career driven young people.

Since our launch in 2014, we have become one of Britain’s fastest growing alternative and independent news platforms. In 2016 Shout Out UK won Harrow’s Business Den and on the 28th April 2015 collaborated with Channel 4 and ITN to launch Britain’s first ever Youth Leaders’ Debate. The event, for the first time ever, gathered seven leaders of the seven largest British parties’ youth wings to debate on political and youth issues. It aired at 8pm GMT and after 10min the #YouthLeaders was trending in the top six on twitter.

Further Information:

AWARDS, Shout Out UK

  • Harrow Business Den Winner, 2016, Awarded by Harrow Council.

  • Youth Friendly Micro-business of 2014, Awarded by Youth Employment UK

About Matteo Bergamini

MATTEO BERGAMINI completed his undergraduate degree in Politics & History at the UNIVERSITY OF BRUNEL in 2014 and has since launched his own independent news and media company, SHOUT OUT UK. During 2015, Bergamini successfully managed to fundraise enough capital to produce Shout Out UK’s first short documentary film ‘Anonymous: A Million Men’, recently acquired by Shorts International for worldwide distribution. The fundraising was successful enough to pay all involved.

Since then Bergamini, with Shout Out UK, has continued to promote youth political journalism and on the 28th April 2015, in collaboration with Channel 4 and ITN, launched Britain’s first ever Youth Leaders’ Debate. The event gathered 7 leaders of the seven largest British parties’ youth wings to debate on political issues. After 10min the #YouthLeaders was trending in the top six on twitter. From the 8th May 2015 Bergamini has become an ESRC Knowledge Exchange Fellow, after his organisation successfully bid for a research grant, in cooperation with the Crick Centre, a research group based in the University of Sheffield.

An avid promoter of political discourse and literacy amongst young people, Bergamini was invited to become a fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce for his work in encouraging political education amongst young people.

Further Information:

AWARDS, Matteo Bergamini

  • ESRC Knowledge Exchange Fellow for 2015, Awarded by the Economic and Social Research Council

  • Diversity Marketing campaign of the year 2015, Awarded by EiDA

  • Ambassador of Peace Award, 2015, Awarded by the Universal Peace Federation.

  • Youth Achievement Award 2014, Awarded by the Universal Peace Federation.