The events in Belgium leave little room for doubt, Europe is under attack and we may just be too late to save it


As its outside walls are being attacked by migrants and consequently crumbling under the weight, Europe has let its defences weaken within and now its own people are becoming a threat to its existence. Europe is being destroyed.

The arrest of Salah Abdeslam  and the terrorists involved in the Belgium attacks show that some people of Europe, in this case in Molenbeek, are prepared to hide terrorists. It is neither ordinary nor right for shootouts to be happening on a regular basis on the streets of Europe, even when they are aimed at finding terrorists or preventing attacks. In the past year however this state of affairs has become a reality, because Europe forgot the people it had once welcomed with open arms.

Whether because of religious beliefs or economic deprivation, an ideology which leads to attacking ordinary European civilians, has grown. Europe in turn, hasn’t acted; instead of helping to integrate its new population it has let its people become poorer, uneducated, and with less chances of finding work. This environment has made it more favourable for such people to follow and protect those who argue and fight against this ‘evil’ Europe.

Molenbeek is only a 40-minute drive from the European Parliament, and now poses a huge threat to the existence of the building and the people who are under its authority. Inside, are those who want to destroy Europe and so have become terrorist sympathisers who are either prepared to create attacks, or protect those planning them.

Instead of tackling the problems Molenbeek has highlighted, Europe continues to welcome more of the world (with Turkey’s membership of the EU now very likely). As a result — without wanting to sound too pessimistic — we should expect to see more tragedies like Molenbeek created across Europe as large numbers of ‘newcomers’ view the people, politicians and buildings of Europe as the source of evil in the world. Our terrorist is their freedom fighter, as they say.

There is another threat to the future of Europe, and it’s a threat that comes not through violence but through democracy — something cherished and loved by those who may ultimately be destroyed by it. In Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden and here in the UK, right-wing Eurosceptic movements are growing in size and power. Recent elections are showing a common consensus among the poorer, unemployed and lower-classes of the population that Europe has abandoned them and is instead looking after the ‘newcomers’.

As a result of recent economic crises, that feeling of abandonment has permeated the working class, and as a result Eurosceptic votes have risen. These people feel isolated from the politicians of Europe and isolated from their policies.

The venerable EU has survived 23 years, but while it focuses on issues beyond its walls, it is being destroyed effectively from within. The suggestion that the modern-day Europe we know will still be here in 20 years is risible. If Britain votes to remain in the EU, we will only be voting to remain as part of a crumbling union that will inevitably collapse. The question is who will destroy Europe first: Eurosceptic voters or freedom fighters?

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