Facts help put things into perspective. These facts show the consequences of one of the worst conflicts of the century


Started in 2011 following anti-government protests, the conflict slowly turned into a massive war that has caused many regional damages and international political issues.  Here are some keys numbers you need to know.

1. 4.6 million: the total number of registered refugees worldwide.

2. 2,503,550: the number of refugees in Turkey. This also happens to be the highest number of refugees in a single country.

3. 8,060: the number of asylum demands in the UK.

4. 250, 000: the number of people that have died since the beginning of the Syrian conflict.

5. 5 years: the war’s duration.

6. 11 million: the number of people that have fled their houses.

7. 3: number of countries that support the Hezbollah movement which is in favour of the Islamic State; they are Russia, Iran, and Lebanon.

8. 6: number of countries which are fighting the Islamic State: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UK, US, and France.

9. £5 billion: the amount of money needed to respond to the urgent needs of the most exposed Syrians in 2016, according to the U.N.

10. 23 million: number of Syrians that need humanitarian help.

11. 20 years ago: end of the Rwandan exodus. The Syrian exodus is predicted to be the worst exodus since the Rwandan one.

12. 8: number of important things the Syrian people have lost during the war, which include going to school or having access to clean water.

13. 50 per cent: more than 50 per cent of the refugees are children that have lost everything they had (family, home, school, and friends).

14. 30 litres: the amount of clean water the largest refugee camps use per person, per day. That is one-tenth the amount a regular American uses.

15. 500, 000: the estimated number of Syrian people helped by the UN every month.







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