You can’t go through life thinking it’s never your fault or that mistakes are for the weak-minded. A mistake can teach us invaluable things about ourselves, making us into better people …


People need to make mistakes more often. I mean, do not get me wrong, I am not advocating for going through life carelessly without thinking about the consequences of what we do. What I say is that we need to experience some hardships to be reminded of the fact that we are by no means flawless. Making mistakes usually goes hand in hand with facing new and unexpected situations; something you have not predicted is now right there in front of you, and escaping from it is not an option. It seems wise then to try to get rid of these problems sooner rather than later and return to stability.

The bottom line though: nobody really wants to make mistakes. And yet, very few would dare say they have never done something wrong. Everyone trips up, constantly. Every single day people make mistakes. Whether at work, at home or at school there are aspects which could have been done otherwise or simply better. The problem lies in those individuals who are so blinded by their self-imposed greatness that they cannot see the things they do wrong in order to change them.

The above problem becomes more worrisome because such behaviour does not only affect the individuals in question but also the people they interact with, as well as other unknown people they encounter daily. I am talking about that girl sat on the London underground at peak time who does not give her seat when an elderly man comes in. Or that guy listening to music at full volume who makes a fuss when asked to turn it down. Such people keep this attitude throughout their lives because they believe themselves to be part of a superior breed not liable to be corrected in any way. They have not, most likely, yet experienced or acknowledged their mistakes or disappointments. Such a state of ignorance is unwise, to say the least, mainly because they may never come to appreciate what it feels like to be alone or need help from others. Such a person will see little need to change their selfish ways.

It doesn’t take much time to realize the kind of person you are dealing with. Five seconds is all you need to know if the individual in front of you is grounded and sensible, someone who has been clever enough to learn something from their negative experiences. I am talking about that person you ask for help because you are lost and they point out the direction you should follow on the map with a smile on their face. Or that lady at Abbey Road who knows you have been alone for a while,  and asks if you need anything. These people are the right kind of people we should be leaning towards.

I truly believe that it is pointless living without having the chance to make mistakes, thinking we are perfect. It is an attitude which frequently assumes that if a relationship ends, it is not you who are to blame; that if you did not make it to the college you wanted, it was because you had no time to study; or that if you happen to be alone at some point in your life, that you do not deserve it. It is a destructive attitude and one that could have been avoided, if only you paid attention.

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