Peace is the opposite of war, bloodshed and hatred. A good many Middle Eastern Muslims coming into Britain and Europe clearly don’t have peace on their mind . . .


I have recently seen a number of tweets and Facebook posts that have gained the ‘viral’ status, which is usually a good achievement. However, amongst them, there have been a large number of relatively Leftist, liberal statements made by my very own generation across the social media spectrum, which carry a heavyweight thought that has featherweight reasoning behind it. Here is one such statement:

‘We didn’t blame Germans for Hitler, we don’t blame Christians for the KKK, do NOT blame Muslims for ISIS’.

Unfortunately, the majority of the Western world’s population appears to be in concurrence with the given quotation. However, I can only see logical fallacies here — which I would like to elaborate on in this article.

Hitler was a revolutionary in terms of German politics; he had a vision and he wished to return Germany back to the height of its power that it experienced when the Kingdom of Germania was rife. He did things to better his country and — whether rightly, or wrongly — he managed it, for a time. He was, as they all wish to be, a very good leader and a very successful politician. And while we do not blame the Germans of contemporary society for the actions of Hitler, it was very much the fault of the German population at the time, who voted for Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers’ Party to lead Germany forward.

The Ku Klux Klan, when it originated, was an organisation of white men and women who — just like the people of Britain — grew up in a time when the Western world saw blacks as ‘savages’. Had you and I lived during that period of time, we would have thought no different. This is, of course, a very unfortunate standpoint for any person to have, however, at that time it was simply the norm. The fact that they were Christian was irrelevant given that the Church at the time had power over the State, and thus, Christianity was not a matter of choice, but rather, a compulsory measure — much like the enforced slavery of African men and women.

Returning to our subject matter, despite what Left-leaning liberals preach alongside Western Muslim scholars and the media, the Qur’an is full of violent verses that, for the most part, are detrimental to people both inside and outside of Islam, but primarily for those outside of this faith.

India, during Britain’s colonial days, was comprised mainly of Muslims who followed the sect of Ahmadiyya. Now, Ahmadiyya — who was seen as a prophet by the time of his death — refused to accept and act upon the violence endorsed by the Qur’an which Muslims are obliged to carry out. He stated that those who follow him would only obey the peaceful dictates of the Qur’an and he himself believed only in a ‘Religion of Peace’. Because of this, the Sunni and Shia sects of Islam (Middle-Eastern, Arab Muslims) ostracised the followers of Ahmadiyya for refusing to accept the absolute word of Allah in the Qur’an, through their rejection of violence. To Arab Muslims, the peaceful Indian Muslims were not true Muslims.

Then came the late 1930s, war came to the world through Hitler and the German intent to rebuild the Kingdom of Germania. During this period of time, Indian Muslims fought in the British army throughout Europe and Asia, against the Germans, Japanese, Italians, and in North Africa against Arab and African Muslim forces (Sunni and Shia) who were siding with Germany.

Not long after this, Britain returned India to the Indians, and it welcomed Indian Muslims into Britain. These are the Muslims who were branded ‘pakis’ and typically ran corner shops, who were discriminated against in a horrendous way … but, these Muslims followed Ahmadiyya, and thus, were peaceful people. They were the people of the ‘Religion of Peace’ — they were British Muslims, and they loved being in Britain.

Jump forward to the end of John Major’s reign as Prime Minister in 1997, Tony Blair took over with his ‘New Labour’ Party. Blair’s intention was to rise through the ranks of the European Parliament, which he did, but to do so he had to contribute to the European State idea. With that came the open borders policy and the acceptance of anybody who wished to come to Europe, and to Britain.

Now to return to what I previously said. The Sunni and Shia sects of Islam ostracised Ahmadiyya for not accepting violence. Ahmadiyya Muslims already lived peacefully in Britain. The violent streak in Islam  was originally used to spread the idea of the Caliphate that Muhammad preached, and endorsement of this can be found in the Qur’an. Muhammad’s job according to Allah (who came to him, through the Angel Gabriel), was to spread the Caliphate globally, and he was to be the prophet to lead the people — a somewhat amusing sentiment given that Muhammad was a warlord.

When the borders were opened, Middle Eastern Muslims surged into Europe and into Britain. At this point, Ahmadiyya Muslims quickly became a minority sect of Islam in the country as the arriving violent Islamic sects essentially wiped out the true religion of peace. But our media continues to belligerently state that Islam, as a whole, is still that peaceful religion — which is a lie. Ahmadiyya Islam was and is, but Shia and Sunni Muslims far outnumber Ahmadiyya followers globally and in Britain.

In 2013, it was reported that Muslims (Sunni and Shia) in Britain reproduce nine times faster than White and Black British families. From this we can surmise that through the acceptance of Middle Eastern Muslims into British and European society, we are allowing the Islamic agenda which calls for the spread of the Caliphate (as preached in the time of Muhammad all those years ago) to continue and thrive.

Our inability as a society to see the above point and realise that the media is misconstruing the truth about Islam on a daily basis, has allowed Muslims within Europe to commit atrocities of the kind we have been witnessing this past year. If we open our eyes and forget — at least for a moment — about offending people, and actually stand up and say … ‘well hang on, this is actually what it says in the Qur’an’, then we might actually stand a chance of stopping this terror.

I cannot stress enough how important it is that people open their eyes. While our politicians and our media state that ISIS is ‘un-Islamic’ and that Islam is a ‘Religion of Peace’, our sense of democracy becomes ever more skewed and we remain silent to our own detriment as well as Europe’s, because we keep letting the violence in … .


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