Planning something for your next holidays? Here is a list of seven destinations you should think about twice if you value your life!


1. Juarez Valley, Mexico

Located near Rio Grande and the US border, Juarez Valley is also known as the Murder Valley, making it one of the most dangerous places in the world. With its strategic location for drug trafficking, the area became the battlefield of cartels looking to control the place. Dead corpses on the streets, blood and bullet fragments trimming the walls, graves dug along the roadside and houses in ruins: this valley looks like a scene from a horror movie. However, despite this, around 5,000 inhabitants still live there in constant fear of their lives. Frequent kidnappings, tortures and killings justify this fear. Even the Mexican police avoid this area, letting the citizens fend for themselves since the last police unit was killed.

2. Yungas Road, Bolivia

Built during the Chaco War (1932-1935) by Paraguayan prisoners, the 35 mile-long drive is one of the most dangerous on Earth. Connecting La Paz to Amazonia, the narrow road contains many curves that can make any driver fall into the void. In addition, this Death Road’s fickle climate makes it even more perilous. During the rainy season, rain and fog impair visibility, while thick mud covers the ground. In the summer, this is replaced by falling rocks and dust clouds. Notwithstanding the road’s deadly character — approximately 300 deaths per year — more and more tourists continue to visit the place, mainly for its stunning views of Bolivia’s forest.

3. Lake Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda

Based in a volcanic area, this African lake poses a great threat to the nearby villages. Due to the volcanic rock that can be find in its depths, the lake contains large concentrations of carbon dioxide and methane. For now, this deadly mixture is kept underwater thanks to the pressure. However, in case of an earthquake or a volcanic eruption, all the gas will be released and could kill the entire population. This is exactly what happened in Cameroon when a lake with a similar composition released its gases, suffocating around 1,700 people.

4. Ilha da Queimada Grande, Brazil

ilha-da-queimada-grande-4This stretch of land, named by the locals as Snake Island must be one of the most hostile places for human beings. This small island measuring at 4,600,000 square feet is full of extremely poisonous snakes — averaging about one snake per square meter. It is also the home of the golden lancehead, known for being one of the most dangerous snakes on the planet — as well as critically endangered. This place has proven to be so dangerous that the Brazilian Navy decided to close the Island for good. The only people who continue to visit it now are scientists and snake venom smugglers.

5. Mount Hua, China

In China, various sacred mountains can be found. One of them is reputed for being the deadliest hike in the world. In fact, climbing this 7,067 feet-high mountain is very dangerous. The paths are small and some are vertical, the bridges consist of narrow wooden platforms, and only a metal chain fixed into the mountain insures a few securities. What’s more, tourists and pilgrims still attempt the journey which results in an average of 100 deaths per year according to the locals.

6. Danakil Desert, Ethiopia

7 places where you should NOT goThe Danakil Depression situated in Africa, is one of the hottest and lowest spots on Earth. Except for a few Afar people — the local population — nobody lives in the are because of the sweltering temperature which easily reaches 50 degrees. Because of its special location and climate, the desert offers a surreal landscape: a golden sulphur-coloured ground, blinding white salt deposits and turquoise ponds whose beauty makes tourists forget the dangers. Crossing the Depression is an absolute challenge for most human beings since the blistering temperatures are tough to bear.

7. Caracas, Venezuela

According to a recent Mexican study, 41 of the world’s 50 most dangerous cities are in South America. For a while, occupying first place was San Pedro de Sula, Honduras, but this year the top spot returned to Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. With 3,946 homicides in 2015 — that’s 120 murders per 100,000 inhabitants — the place is now the most dangerous city on Earth.


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