Ever wanted to have a white, perfect, smile without the need of heavy metal braces?

Achieving a perfect, straight, white smile is possible without having to wear heavy, metal braces. Instead, there are several types of clear aligners available, which are much more comfortable and easier to maintain. In this article, we will discuss some of the more popular options that are available today.

The first method we will discuss is called Six Month Smiles. The treatment time generally falls within four to nine months. Six Month Smiles is effective for almost everyone; few exceptions remain. The wires are tooth coloured, non-conspicuous, but the greatest advantage to this system is that they are extremely comfortable. They work by exerting a constant, low pressure that gently and gradually realigns the teeth.

In order to customise treatment, impressions of both upper and lower teeth are taken along with some photographs. Those impressions are sent, along with specific instructions, to a laboratory that will create the braces that will be ready to fit to the teeth. They are usually ready for installation within three to four weeks.

During the next appointment, the tooth-coloured brackets are applied to the teeth with a dental adhesive that is durable, but also easily removable at the end of the course of treatment. The tooth-coloured wires are secured to the brackets with tiny, clear, elastic bands. There is usually a tooth reduction treatment done, which involves a minimal amount of trimming between the teeth so that they can slide easily into place during the Six Month Smile treatment. Post-treatment visits are scheduled every four to six weeks to monitor progress and answer any questions.

At the end of the course of treatment, the braces are easily removed with a special tool. This is a quick, easy, painless process that is usually completed in less than five minutes. After the braces are removed, the teeth are rinsed with water and the glue is smoothed off of each tooth with another special tool. Next, it’s time to select a retainer colour, and a retainer will be manufactured using impressions of the newly straightened teeth. The patient is then discharged with instructions for retainer use.

Inman Aligner treatment is a little bit simpler. The initial appointments for evaluation and impressions are necessary. Photographs will be taken and sent along to the appropriate laboratory with the impressions and a specific set of instructions. Using advanced, 3-D computer imaging technology, the aligner is manufactured, custom-made to the patient’s needs.

Three weeks after the impressions are taken, the fitting will be done. Tooth reduction is usually necessary to allow the teeth to slide gently and evenly around each other. The aligner is worn 20 hours per day, although it can be removed for eating and cleaning. After three to four months of wear with monthly checkups, treatment is finished. A custom-made, clear aligner is worn at night, or a discreet wire is bonded to the inside of the teeth.

The third method is the application of clear braces. Two impressions are taken, and a study model is made. The clear braces are then made, each one designed to move the teeth a small amount. After this initial treatment is completed, a bonded wire retainer is applied to hold the teeth in place permanently. This wire is discreetly placed on the back of the teeth.

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