London: a city that weeps and laughs, protects and embraces, stays faithful …


When I first heard about you, people were so proud to know you
All I heard were compliments, so if I didn’t go with you I’d be a fool.

You were strong, independent and had a lot to prove
But when I got the chance at you, you were battered and bruised
I constantly saw different sides to you and was left confused
You had two sides to you so I didn’t know if I had to tuck my shirt in
Or to wear my trousers lower to light your fuse
I didn’t know if I had to pronounce my Ts or make you a cup to impress you
It’s like Lauryn Hill says: it feels like we’ve lost this game before we’ve even started to play
Our brightest days always seemed to see rain

You said everyone that crossed you never showed love and only wanted to inflict pain
But I guess we have to lose to win,
I say that with hope, because she went on to say
After winter must come spring
But so many legends came and went after you helped
I don’t know if I’m worthy of even saying I know you, let alone
Going out and representing you or your everlasting culture, which I have to say is nothing but
Because you’re filled with colour and you unlike me
Let everyone and anyone in
I guess your big heart’s always been my medicine

But at the same time that very joy you bring is as much a curse as it is a blessing
I say that because of all the faces you’ve seen
They mistreat you, walk all over you and never look back after leaving you
In the hands of a fiend

I see you have no control because all I hear from your kids are screams
They’ve turned on each other and no longer play for the same team
It’s a civil war at your front door, but you’re no longer strong enough to provide a cure for the teens Forced to find a missing piece to a puzzle your previous lovers lost and left incomplete.

But you provide us with constant food for thought, keeping us on our toes
So we’re constantly at a feast despite all the lows

Love for you will never go. You are London, not Moscow or Rome
I’ll stay forever in awe of your many accents and jokes
But most importantly, how even in your darkest days you still offer a glow

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