With the EU Referendum just over a month away, everyone seems to be showing their true colours and Mr Cameron’s are remarkably yellow in shade


I have to admit that in the 2015 general election campaign I, along with many others, saw David Cameron as the preferred leader to the weak and sometimes baffling Ed Miliband. I saw Cameron as strong, statesmen-like and able to represent Britain on a crowded global stage. The election was won on the lack of economic credibility offered by Labour, and Cameron’s leadership credentials.

I feel tricked. And so should you. The David Cameron that we saw in the election isn’t the real Cameron. In reality he is an individual who will do anything to achieve and retain power. He is chickening out of the most important debate in the EU campaign, he is using his governmental influence to persuade neutral figures to back the Remain team and is using Downing Street not as a government force, but as the control room to orchestrate a perfectly tuned Remain side.

The release of migration figures from the EU was to be a crucial moment in the campaign, instead, accepting that they give the Leave argument support, the government decided to delay their publication and bury it among bigger stories on the BBC’s future. And all this, yet again perfectly timed with a bias warning from the Bank of England saying that Brexit may spark a recession — despite previous statements from the bank claiming they would remain independent in the debate.

Today there has been further anger from the Leave side, who are claiming that ITV’s decision to have Nigel Farage, rather than a Tory minister or Boris Johnson from vote Leave, up against David Cameron in their question and answer programme, is because of government pressure and maybe (as Guido Fawkes pointed out) because of Robert Preston being the best friend of a Remain campaign manager.

Whether it’s an establishment stitch-up or those in power saving their mates, this EU Referendum is in danger of slipping into the dishonourable territory. Should a tight Remain result come on June 23rd, expect cries of anger from Leave and similar indignation from Scotland, calling for a second Referendum as Leave campaigners feel cheated by a well-funded Remain team.

David Cameron lost a vote on tax credits last autumn in the Lords. Instead of facing the opposition’s argument or accepting defeat, he shied away and attempted to weaken the power of the Lords. The same happened in May, when Cameron refused a head-to-head with Ed Miliband. Debates like this are what the public of a democracy deserve, not a leader who hides behind the black door of number 10.

Cameron can’t weaken the power of democracy or our vote, but he is the man behind the perfectly orchestrated Remain side, unjustly using their power in government and their allies from Goldman Sachs to ITV, in order to create a biased and shameless debate. A debate where the Remain side have a huge advantage. The campaign is in danger of not being fought on a level playing field, and the Leave side don’t deserve that and neither do the public if we are to make the right choice.

David Cameron is attempting to shirk away from TV debates himself while controlling the coverage of others, and who says what.

I hope the Prime Minister will either face up to the opposition and debate his argument with dignity, or get out of number 10 as the UK does not want a scared leader, too weak to fight his own battles.


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