Free time on your hands and don’t know what to do? Read this and get active!


1) Volunteering Aboard — Yeah I know, everyone’s jetting off to Africa in the summer time to build schools and have really cool Instagram photos, but why not? Of course, you’ll have to raise the money which can take a lot of self-motivation but it is definitely a million worlds away from mere travelling. The people, the food, the work, all will look great on your CV and you’ll have an amazing summer in some of the world’s most beautiful countries, like these ones: (

 2) Go to a festival — Sweat, beer and great music. If there was a sure thing of a great summer this would definitely be it. From the massive nationwide Glastonbury to small indie parties, everyone dances, everyone’s feet get soaked, and everyone wants to go again. Grab a £10 tent from Argos and buy tickets for the greatest/muddiest four days of your life. If the massive £200 asking price puts you off, why not volunteer to work a shift or two and get a free ticket? (

 3) Work somewhere new — It sounds obvious but who wouldn’t want some extra cash for all the nights on the town or concert tickets? Whilst Primark and Asda may have been great for the rest of the year, why not try something really different? Apply to USA Summer Camp and work in America for 10 beautiful weeks. Be an assistant chef or a tennis instructor, you’ll come back with a ton of cash and a brilliant summer in the States. You can even make your departure date a little longer and see some of the USA on your own time! (

 4) Run a marathon — You’re probably laughing at the idea of yourself running or even in running gear, but not only is it a great way to get fit but also keeps you entertained this summer. Running might not be for everyone, but options such as charity walks, half marathons and fun runs could be a bit of a laugh with some friends. If the mere thought of jogging makes you shudder, why not take part in the Leeds assault course and really get your competitive side going? (

 5) Go on a road trip — England isn’t all that bad, I promise. Why not start in Brighton or Cornwall by the sea and come all the way up to the stunning lake district. At hostels costing around £10 per night, this cheap and exciting alternative would be a great escape from everyday life. Get your friends, some petrol money and loads of road snacks and see the sights of the British countryside. (

 6) Learn a language — Bonjour, Hola, Guten Tag. Many places run summer-long language programmes for people that want to keep their brain moving. Even a few phrases or words will be beneficial, or for the more ambitious, it could be the start of a whole term project. Learning a language would certainly keep you busy while giving you a valuable skill for life. Apply now: (

 7) Start a blog — Preserve all the memories you make during these sunny months. Write like the great Carrie Bradshaw and in the winter you can re read all your amazing adventures. Start one here today: (

 8) Travel — I know we’ve already been through the benefits of volunteering or working aboard. But with Eurostar tickets as cheap as £20 to France, why not head out on an inter-railing adventure? Here are some popular routes: (

9) Work with a charity — There are hundreds and hundreds of charities that need help this summer. Why not be one of the many volunteers? Here is one of the most popular places to find volunteer work: (