Before the end of this week we will know the outcome of Britain’s fate in the EU. Whatever that outcome will be, we must not be bullied or pressured, but choose with an aim to victory


‘This great friendship … between our two nations … is stronger than it’s ever been’. — Ronald Reagan.

The above quotation from former President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, on his visit to Downing Street in 1982, stands as one of the most publically acknowledged political ties in the world. Of course, in Margaret Thatcher’s first address in the White House, she spoke of the history between these two, great nations and stated that they would forever be ‘inextricably intertwined’.

Inextricably intertwined as they may be, the current President of the United States, Barack Obama, recently visited the United Kingdom and chose to offer some words of wisdom to the people of Britain over the impending EU Referendum, taking place this Thursday. Obama’s words are, in most cases, game changers. And he, being the most powerful leader in the world, knows this fact all too well and is now impressing upon the United Kingdom a threat that, in my eyes, shatters the connection that both Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan once spoke of.

Is it the case then, Mr Obama, that Britain will be penalised for exercising her right to true Democracy — the Athenian, not the European Union definition of the word — ? You would put Britain on the back foot in terms of reaching trade agreements with the very country whose previous presidents have wholly relied upon and endorsed ‘our great friendship’? Your threat, Mr Obama, can only be considered shameful; to oppose the United Kingdom’s last chance of escaping the clutches of self-elected bureaucrats. Under whom, I might add, the American people would not position themselves.

It can be said that the United Kingdom is, for the most part, already a federal state in the United States of Europe; a position that has been reached by deceitful, disingenuous and intentionally devious means.

The United Kingdom in 1973, joined the European Economic Community with the intention of contributing to and having access to the free market throughout Europe — so as not to be in a position forty-three years later with EU law overruling British law. This was, in hindsight, the greatest mistake of Edward Heath’s reign as Prime Minister of Britain.

The benefits of the European Union for Britain? Very few! The education system has declined, the National Health Service is on the verge of collapse, social services are about as useful as a chocolate teapot, and we have run out of houses for the apparent demand. Furthermore, if the four given issues aren’t enough to make you query the benefits of the European Union, I should add that, for these ‘privileges’ Britain pays an estimated £18bn a year; £20bn if you include the £2bn that British households also pay — of which, a £5bn rebate is returned. It is, sadly, true to say that this contributes greatly to the fact that Britain’s bank account is about as dry as the Gobi desert.

So, for the British, the obvious answer to the above issue is, ‘lets leave’. Why? Because all of that money that Britain channels to the European Union could be reinvested into the aforementioned key aspects of the country that are collapsing — through lack of funding. Obama and Brussels, however, are strongly opposed to this solution. Again, why? Because of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

The TTIP is a product of the Bilderberg Club think-tank. The Bilderberg Club is a small group of leaders from the biggest banks, the biggest multinational companies, and people from UN institutions like the World Bank, World Trade Organisation, a myriad of European Union commissioners and several politicians from the United States, Canada, the European Union, and the United Kingdom — David Cameron and George Osborne included. The TTIP represents an integral component of the Bilderberg world company initiative, which connects directly the United States and Europe.

The European Union originally, as previously mentioned, started as a simple free-trade area and has, over time, been transformed into a political federation that features a centralised, unelected governing body of bureaucrats. These people now have control of over 50 per cent of their member states’ laws and regulations and an apparent disregard for each state’s national sovereignty and right to democracy. TTIP is, for all intent and purpose, designed to accomplish the same goal, but on a global scale. This treaty will benefit corporations and enterprises of both the European Union and the United States. If it is passed, it will be to the detriment of the democratic process throughout Europe.

Recently, the Bilderberg Club has had their ‘one-world’ political federation ideal, which is on the verge of becoming a reality with the passing of TTIP, partially realised by the wider public in a number of countries within the European Union. Britain, standing as the largest and fifth strongest economic nation, threatens this ideal of a planned European Superstate with the looming referendum on the 23rd.

To borrow an analogy from a person who is very dear to me, who shall remain anonymous … Two big children are bullying a smaller child for refusing to play a game the way they want to play it. The smaller child has the ball, and plans on going home; if the child does leave, the bigger children cannot play their game at all. The more the bullies push, the more the smaller child will want to head home. The bullies in this analogy are the United States and the European Union, and the smaller child who holds the ball is Britain. The EU Referendum will, if Britain chooses to ‘go home’ as the analogy states, heavily impact the United States and European Union’s agendas, putting TTIP on the back burner.

To reiterate, Barack Obama, the most powerful leader in the world is, by threatening the United Kingdom in this way, disregarding the democratic process that the United States supposedly stands for in attempting to blackmail this great nation.

In response to Obama’s claim that the world needs a ‘united Europe’, a quote from Winston Churchill:

‘Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival’. — Winston Churchill.

The success of the Brexit campaign is imperative for the survival of British democracy and sovereignty.

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